Saturday, December 6, 2008

So warm in the garden even a medium weight shirt is too heavy. Considering we’re almost through the first week of December that is quite amazing, not I suppose that it hasn’t happened in previous years but one doesn’t remember it, except I thought if I were to write of our Cretan experiences the title would be “Roses In December”.
Chris is suffering with his back again and walking around like a geriatric which he is far from being – yet!
Douglas’s books on Adobe CS4 (I think I’ve got that right) were finally delivered yesterday so he is immersed in them to such an extent he is virtually incommunicado. Any question or comment is greeted with a grunt or a mumble. Besides which he is still not speaking to me (despite my apology) after the Taurian temper blew yesterday when he pressed the wrong button and a raw nerve caused an Etna like eruption. So I told him to read his stars in Friday’s Mail. We always read the stars even though the weeks go by with little if any noticeable variation and the forecasts are virtually forgotten ten seconds after reading them. With Jonathan Cainer we’re not always too sure what he’s getting at anyway. I think he imagines himself to be astronomer royal to the intelligentsia who, even if they can‘t actually figure out what he’s talking about will pretend they do. Anyway, Friday’s advice for Leo, considering the cataclysmic event of the morning, was spot on so good on you, Mister Cainer. It reads as follows – “Why do some people get on wonderfully well one moment, yet act like sworn enemies the next? Why are relationships complex and difficult to understand? Because as individual beings we are erratic. Inconsistent and idiosyncratic. None of us is normal. So, if you put any two of us together it won’t be long before we reveal our particular quirks and start to annoy one another. It is easy this weekend to intensify an argument. It is much more challenging to deepen trust and create empathy. Give it a go.”
None of us is normal – I like that, Mister Cainer, you never said a truer word.

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