Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I was e-mailed a video titled “Islam” by a Dutchman who has surely put his life on the line for it. It is a quite terrifying document, quotes from the Koran pounced upon by mad mullahs to excuse suicide bombing and to encourage all the other atrocities now associated, firmly established in everyone’s minds, with this religion. Evidently mad mullahs are of the belief that Islam will take over the world but then they are not the first to suffer that delusion, especially as they can’t make accord amongst themselves but Shia and Sunni are constantly at each others throats. Among the horrifying images of murder and mayhem in this documentary there is the picture of a woman holding up a large banner which reads “To hell with freedom.” I have seen this one before as it was taken during a Muslim march for peace in London a short while ago. Other banners in this peaceful demonstration threatened hateful forecasts of many dire happenings to unbelievers but, on seeing this banner “To hell with freedom” a second time I was struck by the irony the woman obviously cannot see that it is that very freedom which allows her to stand in a public place in London and display her hatred. Surely Armageddon can’t be too far off.
Douglas caught the red-eye from Chania this morning to fly to Athens and from there to London, to Exeter, to Torquay, quite a journey for the first of his cancer check-ups. It’s a long way to go and expensive for a more or less day trip and a quick finger up the bum but keep our own fingers crossed that he is given the all clear. This will happen again in another two months and another two months and another two months and then six months. Until this happened to him, and as long as I still have to live I don’t think I will ever forget that moment when the oncologist said straight out with no beating about the bush that dreaded word, we have heard of so many people who have had it and come through so our thoughts will definitely be with him tomorrow as we wait for the good news.

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