Monday, February 7, 2011

The front page of US Weekly showed a photograph of Elton John and David Furnish with their new toy, baby Zachary (they would call it ‘Sugar’ wouldn’t they?) and the Harps supermarket chain, deciding it was unfit to be seen by families, put a grey modesty shield over it – It reads “Family Shield to protect young Harps shoppers.” Obviously the powers that be considered it on a par with pornography and only removed it when there was a barrage of complaints from individuals, gay rights and civil liberty groups. Why didn't they just ban the magazine altogether?
Homosexuality seems to be very much in the news recently, with the murder of a gay activist in Uganda, the French upholding the constitution and forbidding same sex marriage, a long article in the paper by a woman who discovered both her daughters, her only children, are gay, as is the daughter of Jonathon Ross, and the daughters of a couple of film stars now saying they want to be boys, the military in the United States starting “gay exercises,” whatever that may mean, and the Christian hoteliers in Torquay who one has to feel truly sorry for as they are now unfortunately receiving a spate of lying hate mail, one of the sad bad aspects of the internet that allows cruds to anonymously vent their spleen (the world is full of basket cases). But back to the happy couple and their surrogate infant. Homosexuality has been blamed at various times throughout history for any number of natural disasters but the one disaster, and in my view the biggest impending, for which it cannot be blamed is the over population of the planet. What is the imperative that causes men, even some gay ones, to want to be fathers? How do they know what they’re going to get? There’s a song in the musical “The Fantasticks” about vegetables and children on that very subject. “Plant a cabbage, get a cabbage, not a Brussels sprout. That’s why I like vegetables you know what they’re about.” Our friend Bexie in Spain has e-mailed us the most horrifying series of pictures, what in Victorian times would have constituted a freak show; still does I suppose though not live and visited in person. Those parents most certainly didn’t know what they were getting. Now that surrogate babies are available will more and more gays takes advantage of it? The over population of the planet is of little if any concern to me, when thinking of what time I may have left, but I do worry for the younger generations who might have to face up to the impending disaster, and I do mean younger generations plural. If my eldest great nephew was to sire a sprog now, and he’s well old enough to do so, I would be a great-great uncle. That’s three generations down the line. Without wars to reduce the population or the Pol Pots, Stalins, Hitlers and Idi Amins of this world, (though there are still minor ones around, particularly in Africa, and the Muslim fanatics seem to be having a good go at reducing the population), and fatal illnesses being conquered because of the amazing advances in medicine so our lives get longer and longer, the imbalance is already being felt as far as pensioners are concerned and the workforce whose taxes have to pay their pensions. Also, according to the scientists and economists of the doom and gloom brigade it is estimated that in twenty year’s time the earth’s resources will be so depleted that hunger and thirst will become more or less universal. Already the cost of food rises yearly causing riots in some of the poorer countries. What is the answer? Maybe the answer is Armageddon after all and all because god told his people to go forth and multiply and by god they have! Repent the end of the world is at hand is written on the placards!

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