Sunday, March 27, 2011

Even the BBC Music Magazine has had to get in on the act: in this month’s issue a quiz; ten musical items with the name of William or Kate! I gave them only a cursorily glance but probably the only one I could answer would have been Kiss Me Kate based on Taming Of The shrew. A Chinese manufacturer has boobed; its factory turning out commemorative mugs emblazoned with a picture of Kate and Harry instead of William. On the back, an inscription reads: 'The fairytale romantic union of all the centuries. 29th April 2011.' Luckily most of the other souvenir designers have got the facts straight. In recent weeks everything from fine china to sick bags have been available for purchase, but this week royal enthusiasts in Britain can get their hands on royal wedding fake nails featuring a miniature version of the couple's engagement photo! Whatever next? Though it seems as though a few souvenirs on the market may quite literally be getting out of hand, some royal watchers insist on taking a closer look at the future newlyweds' love life. Could Prince William and the future Princess Catherine be destined to have a rocky marriage? Should 'Waitie Katie' and her prince have waited a few more months and had a summer wedding? That's what one astrologist believes, after having drawn up Prince William and Kate Middleton's marriage birth chart. Reportedly, on 29 April 2011, the day planned for their royal wedding, 'nearly all of the planets are in disharmonious positions, which could mean a married life filled with challenges and misunderstandings, One assumes the horoscope writers of the British press will be more sympathetic or will history be repeating itself? Meanwhile, as best man, Harry has by tradition to give a speech and he has been getting advice from three comedians. Poor lad, not only does he have to speak in front of a crowd of royals, titled heads, lords, ladies and gentlemen but in front of the whole world, such is the miracle of television. I hope he gets a chance to visit the loo before he has to do this. He might be fearless on the battlefields of Iraq but this is something entirely different. Where have the years gone to? It seems only yesterday that they were boys taking part in their mother’s cortège. It seems like only yesterday that President Kennedy was shot and there were those pictures of his little son saluting his coffin as it went by. That son has himself been dead a few years. Time indeed waits for no man.
Spring is here. The clocks have gone forward an hour and the days have been warm and sunny. That’s not to say it won’t turn again. I seem to remember a couple of Aprils that were rather chilly. Hope not though. The firewood is almost finished. One morning I looked out the breakfast room windows to see the plum in full bloom, just a mass of white blossom. They hadn’t been there day before. Seems to happen over night.

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