Wednesday, October 26, 2011

THE number of foreign murderers in British jails has almost doubled in the past 10 years. There are 573 non-British nationals behind bars for murder – up 86% from 308 in 2002. An extra 50 foreign murderers were jailed in the past year alone. In 2010, seven were released from their life sentences – but only four were deported, leaving two in the community and the third recalled to prison.

Tory MP Priti Patel said: “The increased numbers of foreign murderers in our jails is alarming. Worse still, having them released back into the ­community is outrageous. Not only could public safety be ­compromised, but why should hard-pressed taxpayers foot the bill for them to live here?” The revelation comes as the Home Office came under increasing pressure after admitting violent foreigners had been wrongly freed without being deported.

In April 2006, then Home Secretary Charles Clarke admitted more than 1,000 ex-convicts were not considered for deportation after their sentences. How many more now five years later? By law, any non-national jailed for more than a year must be ­considered. The Shadow Home Office minister called for the Home Secretary to “come clean” on those not deported.

She said: “If Theresa May is unwilling to admit there is a problem how can anyone have confidence in her ability to put it right?” It costs £23million a year to keep non-British killers in our jail system. There are 11,500 foreign prisoners all told and prisons are supposedly bursting at the seams. Why can’t these criminals be got rid off? Mostly I suppose because they cite the Yuman Rights Act – that is, if sent back to their own country they’re likely to be maltreated, tortured, or even killed. £23million a year is quite hefty sum to keep criminals in what passes these days, apart from very old prisons like Wandsworth, as virtually a four star hotel. All they lose is their freedom.

British immigration is still allowing hundreds of people in who should never even be allowed to leave the airport, including possible terrorists and hate vendors, the latest being the virulent anti-Semitic cleric, Raed Salah. He is naturally fighting his case against deportation, and many more will be coming who will no doubt join the 11,500. Those who do not will happily milk the benefits system of many millions more.

There are child beggars on city streets, some as young as four and something that’s possibly not been known since Victorian times, certainly not in numbers. Are they British kids? No way. They’re the children of Rumanian gypsies and back in their impoverished homeland it would appear their sponsors, gang or family, are living in virtual mansions and driving BMWs. If living in the UK, they claim benefits while their children are out begging. As one Rumanians told a reporter, the British are generous and make it all too easy. In other words, if you an get away with it which seemingly they do, it’s money for old rope and, of course, the more kids you have, the bigger the benefits. Good for some, huh?

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Lewis said...

We should outsource our prison system to countries like Turkey, Byelorus, Romania, Russia, et al.

Welcome income for them, riddance and great savings for us.