Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog 399

This is a subject I fervently hoped never to mention again as I felt I had written about it quite enough, but sometimes events take place that make you wonder just when are bigoted idiots going to see some sense. Yes – the subject is sex, firstly homosex and then heterosex because both aspects of human sexuality have been in the news. It is a fact that in Africa, with the exception of South Africa, homosexuality is illegal. Though I don’t know whether, as in some other countries, it can incur the death sentence the Nigerian parliament has just passed a law making the very fact that one is homosexual by nature if nothing else punishable by a jail sentence of fourteen years. Just what is supposed to be gained by this? Do these ignorant politicians really believe that it will act as a deterrent and that homosexuality will just fade away and be no more? If that is the case they are sorely fooling themselves. The result will more than likely be that any imprisoned gay will be sexual fodder for sex starved inmates with no access to women. There will be no contraceptives and more than likely a transmission of HIV. Apart from the misery caused there can be no other outcome. The excuse behind this monstrous piece of legislation is tradition and religion, both Christian and Muslim. To give some idea of the virulence of religious emotion you only have to read some of the comments.

The are always reason given for anti-gay prejudice. In England in the fifties there was a purge brought about because of fears of the cold war, the bomb, and the spying scandal culminating in the disgraceful stitching up of Lord Montague, Pitt-Rivers and Peter Wildeblood. After they had all been sentenced and sent to jail the two RAF men they were supposed to have corrupted confessed to having written and said exactly what the police and prosecution wanted. As for the boy Scouts they were evidently right out of the frame. The English came to their senses and the purging not only stopped but homosexuality – with certain provisos- was no longer a criminal offence and no longer considered an illness. Poor old Oscar Wilde suffered prison and vilification not just because he was gay but because he consorted with ragamuffins way below his class and society found that unforgivable. Today his tombstone in Paris was in such a state of disintegration due to countless woman kissing it it is now protected by a glass screen which hasn’t stopped the kissing but at least it’s easier I suppose to wipe of the lipstick.

In Nigeria the vote was passed unanimously. Now I don’t know how many MPs there are in Nigeria but do you honestly want to tell me that all those unanimous votes came from 100% heterosexuals? That none of them had any intimate knowledge of someone who was gay? A brother maybe? A cousin? A best friend? Somehow I very much doubt it but if you were a Nigerian MP and a little on the doubtful side would you be brave enough to stick your neck out and vote against? I somehow very much doubt that as well.

This brought to mind the treatment of gays in the Third Reich so I did a little research and came up with what can only be called the horror story to end all. Historians evidently, and I presume they have done their research well, have come to the conclusion that if it hadn’t been for homosexuals Hitler and the National Socialist Workers Party, that is the Nazis would never have made it, there would have been no World War ll, no holocaust. If this was the case why were countless homosexuals sent to the camps? The answer evidently is that these were ones whose sexual orientation was unmistakable. Apart from those who blatantly flaunted their homosexuality like Ernst Röhm, the earliest meetings of the Nazi party took place in a gay bar in Munich, the SS and the SA were a hotbed of warm brothers and with Hitler it wasn’t so much, some of my best friends are Jewish, but some of my best friends are gay, like Hess for example who he addressed with the endearment “Bubi,” and he preferred homosexual soldiers, storm troopers, etcetera because they were much more willing to indulge in atrocity than the straight German soldier. I wonder what the modern neo-Nazis think about that.

The hetero stories will have to wait till next time.

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Lewis said...

"... more willing to indulge in atrocity... " I doubt that. It doesn't ring true.
Anyway, the storm troopers, under Roehm, who was openly gay, never indulged in atrocity, apart from the street brawling. The nasty stuff came later with the SS and the Gestapo, both under Himmler. The Wehrmacht stayed out of the atrocity business; Hitler was officially the Supreme Commander, but it was actually led by Wilhelm Keitel.
So Hitler had almost nothing to do with the selection of any recruits.