Friday, February 3, 2012

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain! Will it never stop? How long has it been going on now? We’ve lost count. Two weeks? Three weeks? Four? Is it going to last forty days? Is this the twenty first century Noah’s fludde? It has been incessant and must by now have caused some damage. With us the roof tiles on the old house have become saturated so we have our first leak in the saloni – not major I’m glad to say. Well not major yet but the rain continues. I should think practically every house on Crete – well this part of Crete anyway – is experiencing leaks. I never thought the leaden sky could hold so much water. I’m just glad we don’t live in any of the low lying areas like Kalyves or Souda which are prone to flooding. Much of Europe is under really heavy snow with temperatures in parts dropping to minus twenty or more and a 110 estimated deaths. Here it is cold but only down to just above zero. This, I think I might have already mentioned, is the first winter when the zompa has been lit first thing in the morning and kept going till bedtime. It’s just as well we ordered that extra ton of wood but even so the question is will it last to the end of winter? The condensation runs like a river down every window. It’s too depressing.

Equally as depressing of not more so: I thought I would try to get an agent to represent me in the states, the lovely Freda Fishbein having pegged it some years ago, so looked up literary agents on Google with particular reference to theatre. There are more literary agents in America than I have had hot dinners. There are a thousand or more playwrights, and more on the way no doubt, and a hundred thousand or more plays. How does one go about choosing an agent? It takes forever to research and then you read something like ‘response time three months.’ Great. You wait three months (or more) to be told thanks but no thanks. Anyway, the other day I pulled a name out of the hat as it were and sent the following –

‘I am an established and performed playwright seeking representation in the states and have primarily four works I believe will be of interest:-

THIRD DRAWER FROM THE TOP – Play, first presented at the University of Alabama.

GENERATIONS – Play, first presented at James Madison University, Virginia, then at Carnegie Melon, Pittsburgh Festival of new plays.

PETER PAN – New musical version first presented at The Playhouse Weston Supermare, Douglas Isle of Man, then school productions. Music by Andy Davidson.

LA BELLE OTERO – Musical based on the life of the famous (or notorious) courtesan of La belle Epoch. Music by award winning composer Chris Littlewood. Not produced. Book and demo disc available.


Thank you.

I wonder if I will even get a reply.

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