Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm Back

I’m back. That is I have decided to resume my blogs, not with as much frequency as before, maybe two a week, Thursdays and Mondays. Only because this is the first and it happens to be Thursday. It’s a pity the week isn’t one of eight days then they would be an equal distance apart but, never mind, four and three it forever will be.
I won’t rant and rave and have smoke coming out of my ears, not to begin with anyway, siga siga as the Greeks say, gently gently, even though there is still plenty to rant and rave about. I read someone’s Blog on Facebook in which he makes the point that we should remember that good people do outnumber the bad people and we tend to forget that. Goodness knows there are plenty of baddies about but he is right; look on the bright side of life as the song goes.
And yet, and yet, how can one contemplate with equanimity the horrific bombing of the Boston marathon? What kind of deranged diseased minds can even dream up such an atrocity in the first place? And what can one make of the Westbro Baptist church members threatening to picket the funerals with their “God Hates Fags” banners who before latest obscenity, the shooting of twenty schoolchildren, the violent destructive storms that have hit America recently are all down to Gay marriage. Maybe it’s time somebody put up banners that read “God hates fag haters.”
And what does one make of the stubborn belief of so many republicans and members of The National Rifle Association that in order to defend themselves by bearing arms as is written in the constitution, means that machine guns need to be part of the arsenal?
But why don’t we speak of more gentle everyday matters closer to home like the well-bred non fuming optimistic people we are? Let’s not talk about creationists and their extraordinary belief that the world was created by God in six days and is only 6000 years old and God buried the dinosaur fossils as a sort of joke something like that anyway or something equally ridiculous, and a certain Mister Comfort from Downunder asserting that as a banana fits comfortably in your hand that is proof of God’s existence, or the lady who saw the face of Jesus in her toast, because that will only raise blood pressure to boiling point? Why not start of with that never-ending topic the weather, then we can move on from that to health by which time you will have had enough.
Well, after a lengthy spell of blue skies and warm days (the evenings still a little chilly but not too much) suddenly the sky is black, the rain belts down and the temperature drops alarmingly, so much so the fire has to be lit once more. Now this change in the weather can be out down to one of two things – either global warming or global poovery, take yer choice? Of course after a pretty mild winter the insects are starting to appear in their multitudes and so are spring flowers which although they look beautiful can be the cause of spring allergies (it’s either the flowers or the poofs) which is exactly what has happened in this house. I told you we would get on to matters of health. It always does seem to happen this time of year and every member of the household has been affected but I will describe only my symptoms of which, of course, I am unhappily only too familiar. To start off, red weeping itchy eyes and nose running like a tap turned on. Well it wouldn’t be running if it was turned off now would it? There’s tautology for you. This was followed by loss of voice and that lasted a coupe of days to join the eye and nose symptoms. But then came the humdinger, on top of the allergies a virus infection – cough cough cough, non stop coughing and phlegm the colour and consistency of putty. Had enough? Fortunately the good Doctor Vulgarides prescribed a swift dose of cortisone and a not quite so swift does of another antibiotic, ten days course in fact and that seems to be doing the trick. I am a walking talking pharmacy.
The real piece of bad news though is that Chris, after a biopsy which revealed a minute trace of growth in one of twenty one samples has been advised to have the prostrate removed so we have that to worry over.
There, was that a nice gentle non fuming Blog? I don’t guarantee it will last.  

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Lewis said...

Stinging nettle tea averts hay fever.