Thursday, May 16, 2013

Heartbreak in Minnesota

After the Boston bombings Ms Palin stated that America should immediately invade Czechoslovakia! Now can this possibly be true? The good lady gets sent up left, right, and centre (well maybe left and centre) for her faux pas but to confuse Czechoslovakia with Chechnya is too much. Both the Bible and the Koran state that women should keep silence and in Ms Palin’s case that edict should hold. Every time she opens her mouth she tastes toes. Was there ever a possibility she might have been president of the United States? Perish the thought. If that ambition ever existed hopefully it has been banished for all time. The same goes for her tea party associate Michelle Bachman.
Rep. Peggy Scott of Minnesota says her “heart breaks” because thousands of same-sex couples will soon be able to marry in Minnesota. The Republican state lawmaker, serving her third term in the House, was weeping after her colleagues voted 75-59 to pass a same sex marriage bill, this just six months after voters defeated an attempt to write anti-gay discrimination into their state constitution banning same-sex marriage. “My heart breaks for Minnesota,” Rep. Peggy Scott informed the media. “It’s a divisive issue that divides our state,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes as she stood on the House floor after the vote. “It’s not what we needed to be doing at this time. We want to come together for the state of Minnesota; we don’t want to divide it.” So why exactly would this issue cause division in the state of Minnesota, so much so that it fills her eyes with tears and breaks the good lady’s heart to think of it? Well who would have guessed it? Scott belongs to a non denominational Christian evangelical church that believes the Bible was written directly by God, believes in the Rapture, and believes everyone is a sinner by choice.  
Meanwhile the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Biblical speech opposing homosexual behavior, including in written form, is essentially a hate crime. On Wednesday, the seven judge panel upheld the conviction of activist William Whatcott, who found himself in hot water after distributing flyers regarding the Bible’s prohibitions against homosexuality throughout the Saskatoon and Regina neighborhoods in 2001 and 2002.  “The Bible is clear that homosexuality is an abomination,” one flyer that was found to be in violation stated, citing 1 Corinthians 6:9. “Scripture records that Sodom and Gomorrah was given over completely to homosexual perversion and as a result destroyed by God’s wrath.” Another flyer, entitled Keep Homosexuality Out of Saskatoon’s Public Schools, was written in response to the recommendation of the Saskatoon School Board that homosexuality be included in school curriculum. The Supreme Court declared the document to be unlawful because it called the homosexual acts that would be taught to children “filthy,” and contended that children are more interested in playing Ken and Barbie than “learning how wonderful it is for two men to sodomize each other.” The justices ruled that because the use of the word “sodomy” only referred to “two men” and not also the sex acts of heterosexuals, it was a direct target against a specific group of people. I find that ruling very interesting because most heterosexuals appear to be of the opinion that sodomy is something only homos get up to (as though there is no other way of achieving sexual satisfaction) and they’re constantly at it like Bonobo monkeys. Here is a quote from a book recently published on sex in the Arab world, “But the men have returned with new sexual appetites, presumably as a result of sex with prostitutes abroad. They demand much more anal sex and are frustrated that their sexually innocent wives don’t have the knowledge to act out porn scenarios.”
How the world has changed since I was a boy, well in parts of the world anyway where religion no longer carries the clout it once wielded. Unfortunately there are many parts of the world where ignorance and stupidity still reign supreme but now, in other parts, it would seem that not only is same-sex marriage approved of  but homophobia derided. It is no longer, well not quite as much, that fucking queer, poofter, shirt-lifter, arse-bandit, ginger, filthy faggot, nancy and various other epithets were thrown the homosexual’s way. Of course there are still queer-bashers about and the lunatic ravings of fundamentalists; mainly it seems the pastors of Southern Baptist and Evangelical churches. With re-establishment and rise of the Orthodox Church, Russia is reverting to censorship and condemnation and Ugandan politicians are showing their ignorance in no uncertain way egged on by wealthy fundamentalist American missionaries, but would you believe in Cuba the gay pride march was led by Castro’s daughter?  Now there’s a turn-up for the books.

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