Thursday, June 27, 2013


This will be a sort of hodge-bodge Blog; just random thoughts as they enter my head. Summer is really with us now. The days are blazing hot and the nights very warm so, not having air conditioning up here, the fans have come into play. Yes, I am still “up here” but my nine/ten weeks of exile (I don’t remember exactly how long it’s been) is almost over. It’s a good time of year and a not so good time of year. Allergies are still around; people sometimes find it difficult to breathe in this heat and, of course, the fucking mozzies are in full war-cry as soon as it starts to get dark! They are kamikaze vampires and repellent doesn’t always work because if you leave a spot untouched (Achilles’ heel?) you can bet your life one will find it. As if itchy mozzie bites aren’t enough, today I have been suffering itchy eyelids. Goodness me but god really didn’t know what he was doing in those six long days of creation. And, talking of creation, I must be very unpopular with “Right to life, Australia” for not backing up their campaign. The whole subject of abortion is not my bag and really I suppose has nothing to do with me but looking at it as an outsider let’s put emotion aside for a while and be practical about this. Today, anyone who feels they have a god given right to have enormous families is just being self-indulgent and selfish with no or little thought for the morrow and what the world will be like for them when those kids grow up. God might have said go forth and multiply but I don’t think he realised just how fearsomely potent the sex drive would be. In earlier days when child mortality was at its peak one could understand multiple births. Out of eleven or more kids, with luck two or three might survive those deadly childhood ailments. Thanks to modern medicine that no longer applies. The Catholic Church that has always insisted on no birth control has a lot to answer for. And, when one considers the existing population of the world and how fast it is growing, it’s no wonder there is the phenomenon known as global warming. Anti-abortionists always quote the story of the foetus that had so much wrong with it it really should have been aborted and, if it had, the world would have been deprived of Beethoven. I hate to bring up the subject yet again but it must be said, and is something for the ignorant bigots to ponder on: homosexuality in some minds is obviously the cause of earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, shooting massacres in American schools, (yes that has been mentioned by some pastor or other – Baptist probably, together of course with lack of prayer) storms, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, and any other natural phenomenon but the one thing it can’t be accused of is over-populating the planet so, whenever I read of some Christian bemoaning the fact that homosexuals can’t reproduce I always feel he/she should be grateful for the fact. It allows them the freedom to breed. If sexual gratification can only be achieved by insertion of penis in vagina (unprotected of course) the population would have exploded a couple of thousand years ago or more.
Anyway, this is not want I was going to write about when I started this Blog but I stopped for a cuppa and while taking five switched on Facebook for a while, so back to my exile and the reason for it coming to an end. The new Cretan motorway from the top of the lane down to the garden doors is done and, in fact, I have taken my first ride up it. So no more will one have to face those stairs we have climbed all these years, and this applies to visitors like our dear Vicky who is on a par with me as far as age is concerned and even last year was finding them difficult. As for me they have simply become impossible. They are in fact my Everest but I shall no longer endeavour to conquer them. I have already reached an over-ripe age but the others are not getting any younger and it will make carrying  shopping into the house so much easier let alone the delivery of firewood come the Autumn, Also the plumber has finished his work and the new bedroom waits to have the furniture installed. The shower is in grey marble (marble believe it or not is cheaper than tiles) and the floor throughout is granite (granite is even cheaper than marble), and it really looks
magnificent. The bedroom area is huge; big enough to be a queen’s boudoir! The whole thing has cost of course but our Douglas (is there nothing this man can’t successfully turn his hand to?) has juggled finances like a world-class magician, and this is not how I envisaged this Blog turning out so random thoughts maybe next time and I feel sure sex will rear it’s ugly head and enter the equation somewhere.

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