Thursday, October 3, 2013

Islam and America

Is Obama a Muslim or, at least, is Islam where all his sympathies lie as some now firmly believe? This is a question that really has to be answered. He is one of the most powerful men in the world and, if he believes the world should be Islamic, as so many Islamic fundamentalists do, the world is in very deep trouble. I have been watching a selection of videos that show Islam in all its gory awfulness and it is truly difficult, almost impossible except that it is true, to believe that in this day and age the enlightened advanced countries of the world should be menaced by this ambitious mob of hate-filled ignorant religious fanatical  savages stirred on by their religious leaders, many of whom have a mind-set more appropriate to the dark ages than the modern world.. I am beginning to believe there can be no such thing as a moderate Muslim. If he faithfully follows the dictates of the Koran, a book as vicious and as bloody as the Bible, he has no alternative but to have murder on his mind and in his heart and by murder one means massacre.
Very interesting photographs on Face book of Baghdad and Tehran some thirty years or more ago (as I remember) showing groups of women then and now. In the first photo they could be women in any part of the civilised world and in the second they are a collection of unrecognisable sinister black ghosts. Is this the future for France, for the UK, for America, Demark, Norway, Holland, Germany, Italy, and Greece? Can you imagine the same photograph taken in a New York street of hundreds of women wearing the burqa? Be afraid. Be very afraid. This is what they want. But more frightening still is their ambition to have the whole world subject to Sharia law with its hangings, its beheadings, its stoning, floggings, amputations, honour killings, child brides, opposition to education for girls
What would happen to gays in America if Sharia was established, and what abut the Jewish community? Less important but still part of us, theatres would be closed, orchestras disbanded, alcohol prohibited which means closing all the bars, clubs etcetera.

When Obama was elected for his first term I, like many, was delighted that a black man had become president of the United States, not only that but the republican candidates seemed a very sorry lot following on from the disastrous Bush dynasty and Obama appeared to be exactly what we woolly-minded liberals hoped for. But now the doubts creep in. Is it too late to alter the course of history or will we really see all the advances made in the democratic world trampled beneath this religious fascism? Already in some major cities, Paris for example, there are whole areas given over to the Muslim community where the police, firemen, doctors, ambulances, refuse to go and the indigenous population feel like foreigners in their own land; and the boast of British Muslims is that by 2050 England will be a Muslim country. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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lewis said...

There are already almost 90 shariah courts in England.