Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back to Blogsville after a short absence (since Sunday) caused by the excruciatingly painful condition suffered by Blogmaster Douglas. He had been complaining for a couple of days about what he thought was possibly a strained muscle but it turned out to be a vicious abscess in that place where the sun does not shine, as we used to say. Sunday morning he was standing naked in the kitchen literarily howling in agony and yelling, “It gets worse! It gets worse! So it was to the Health Centre for a pain killing injection and from there to the hospital. He wouldn’t let me drive because he said he wouldn’t be able to sit in our car and he wouldn’t let me call an ambulance because he said it would take too long coming. Anyway, I was by now in such a state I couldn’t even remember the Greek for ambulance although it was a word I knew perfectly well. Our own doctor had just started her holiday and was away but fortunately good friends were on hand with a large 4WD to do the necessary. Now he is back home and can perform his blog duty. There was no need for an operation as modern antibiotics do the trick and that is a great relief all round. Since coming out of the hospital we keep hearing of people who have suffered the same complaint, one as young as 12, though we learn in Wikepedia it is usual in the third or fourth decade of one’s life, so it would appear to be much more common than thought, though not talked about unless one has suffered it and brings it up in the conversation. After all who wants to go around discussing ailments of the a…….? It strikes me that when God tried to create us in His image, or so we are informed (erroneously I think) he either did a rushed or a lousy job. Whatever, something went disastrously wrong and he really should have gone back to the drawing board or waited until He had a bit more experience in creationism.

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