Thursday, July 31, 2008

Strong winds again, still cool, and fleecy cumulus clouds. Does this mean another August downpour and a repeat of the time when Douglas took the roof off the main house and we had a two story mini flood a la the mythical Noah? Not to say there wasn’t, at the time, a flood in the Euphrates valley, but the whole world? The problem with creationists and fundamentalist Christians is that it is all faith, naturally, every word in the Bible is sacrosanct and logic goes flying out the window.

An extract from the follow up, DEAD ON TARGET, (written but not yet published) of the sequel, JUST IN CASE (written but not yet published) to DEAD ON TIME (Published 2007 – available on Amazon)

“In the first place is there any mention in the Bible of the billion insects both flying and crawling that needed to be accommodated if they were to reproduce after the flood? Some were naturally accommodated of course, like fleas and ticks and intestinal worms but it was a golden opportunity for God to get rid of some pretty obnoxious creepy-crawlies like mosquitoes and locusts but he obviously had no intention of doing that. Maybe he needed them up his sleeve for a few future plagues. Secondly old Noah and family might have been able to round up pairs of African animals from as far away as the Cape Of Good Hope, particularly if the hand of God was shooing them in the right direction, and they could have been collected from the east as well, tigers from India for example, pandas from China, even orang-utans from Borneo, but how in hell’s name did they get kiwis from New Zealand or kangaroos from Australia, let alone Tasmanian devils and tiger snakes! There was an awful lot of ocean to cross before the rains even started. And what about the South American fauna: possums for instance, and giant anacondas? Animals coming from Chile would have had to make their way the full length of the continent, all the way up to Panama, cross over into North America, continue further north into Canada, the Arctic Circle and then, those that hadn’t died of exhaustion, dehydration, frozen to death or been eaten on the way, then descended through Europe. Just how long would that journey take? Would they make it? Highly doubtful.

To be cont…

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