Friday, August 1, 2008

Continuing the Noah’s Ark saga …. What, for instance, If it were one of the giant anacondas that ate the possums on the way and stopped for a snooze so both possums and anacondas missed the boat? Thirdly there was the problem of feeding once on board, particularly the carnivores of which there were a great many both large and small. How did old Noah manage it? Prepacked meat? And tons and tons of fodder for the vegetarians and loads of nuts and bananas for the apes? A modern container ship couldn’t hold the amount required for forty days and forty nights, let alone keep it from going off if not refrigerated. What stopped them from eating each other? That’s what nature is all about, eat or be eaten. And just think what came out the other end, the amount of waste all those creatures would have produced! By the time the boat was beached on Mount Ararat, if beached could be the right expression for parking on a mountaintop, it must by then have been a veritable ex-floating cesspit. There simply would not have been enough hands or time to get rid of it all, and one solitary pair of dung beetles, or even a few different species of dung beetles and a pair of bluebottle flies, supposing they had made it, would have been totally inadequate. Yet there are people who still believe that all that lives in this day and age are descended from that little old ark; the animals, the reptiles, both venomous and otherwise, and the insects and the birds and, of course, Noah and his family, all making their way back to their original habitat to start all over again!

There are still people who honestly and fearlessly and despite all evidence to the contrary, believe the earth is flat. Say no more.

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