Friday, August 15, 2008

To Litsarda last night for the panagerie. Mary must have been well satisfied with the celebrations as there were probably more than a couple of thousand there and more arriving even as we were leaving around 12.20am. Cars, parked on either side a fairly narrow road, stretched in either direction. I ordered a pork chop and pilaffi and was glad for the pilaffi because the chop had the constituency of boot leather and after a couple of nibbles I gave it to Hillary for her dogs. Could have taken it home myself for our dogs but Hillary is well prepared and has a handbag in which to stow any leftovers. Douglas’s chop didn’t seem too bad. At least he finished it. The band, larger than usual, was terrific and of course once they started up conversation became a matter of shouting. We also had a Cretan male voice choir singing dirgelike songs (religious? More than likely) a capella, something we’ve not had before and they danced before others joined in so by about eleven thirty the dancing got really frantic. Rock and roll’s got nothing on this. So now just paid a visit to neighbour Maria to wish her many years and have been bitten to pieces by bloody mosquitoes. The problem of sitting outside under a grapevine as it starts to get dark.

Douglas all day busy typesetting the autobiography No Official Umbrella and has suggested – suggested? Nay, made three fairly substantial cuts. Two of which I agree with, one I am uncertain about. Still., he is my editor and suppose I have to go along with it. He suggests I use them in my blog instead. I might do that.

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