Friday, October 17, 2008

Three Dalziel and Pascoe books that will keep me happy and well occupied and I already have my nose buried in the first and chuckling at Mr Hill’s felicitous phrasing. So “The Lost Gospel” is, after only three chapters put aside; maybe put aside for the nonce, for good more than likely as I think I would have to be pretty desperate to want to pick it up again. As for “No Official Umbrella” it seems to have travelled halfway around Greece before ending up yesterday, where I suggest ed to the lady phoning on behalf of UPS it be delivered, in Georgia’s shop from where I picked it up this morning. It looks most impressive but then looks aren’t everything, as I seem to have said before, and I wonder if, now in a deep depression, is the time to produce a quite expensive hardback book. Well, we can only wait and see.
Looked up Sally Potter on Google to discover she is quite a famous film director with a number of films and numerous awards to her credit. Unfortunately(?) I haven’t seen any of the movies mentioned: “Yes” “Thriller” “The Tango Lesson” “The Man Who Cried” and she's got one currently in post production for 2009 called “Rage”. There’s something very strange going on with modern movie making. Tried watching a film last night with Charleze Theron but as seems to be a regular habit these days gave up before the end. The phenomenon I refer to is hardly ever letting a scene last more than thirty seconds of a modern audience’s attention span, sometimes even shorter, a big close up say of an eye (very meaningful but a certain Spanish director many years ago did it so much better) and cut cut cut as fast as you can. Is this so that the audience won’t be aware of all the holes? because it struck me that this particular film had as many as a fishing net. And isn’t it so boring now to see nubile young actresses and their stand-ins and CGI flying through the air for improbable distances (all starting with Hidden Tiger?) and performing innumerable back flips in quick succession to end up kicking some poor guy where it hurts most? Seems not only entirely unnatural but a terrible waste of energy.
Also looked up millipedes that have hundreds of entries to themselves there being any number of millipede cousins. Started off with one from Virginia, quite a cute looking fellow, all bright yellow and brown but evidently with the most vomit making BO imaginable. Don’t think I’ll bother to go any further.

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