Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Watched an episode of Mr Bean and found it both pathetic and, despite the studio audience’s laughter, or was it canned? desperately unfunny. It has not worn well and all Mister Atkinson’s gurning hardly raised a smile, not from me anyway. Some of it was just too downright silly for words. Am I getting too old for this sort of thing? I wonder whether, if I see it again, Black Adder will prove as wonderful as when I first saw it. Also watched the film Diehard 3 starring Bruce Willis who is always worth watching and Jeremy Irons, also always worth watching. The film itself was the most ridiculous, over the top, unbelievable, impossible piece of nonsense ever scripted and shot but a billion dollars worth of production value from the opening explosion to the explosion in the subway and so on right to the end by which time Mr Willis should really have been dead but was covered in blood just to show what he had been through. He should also have broken every bone in his body but of course you don’t see that. Unfortunately there was an enormous hole right at the beginning when his character was ordered by our baddy (Mr Irons with the faintest of German accents) to go to Harlem like a sandwich board man with I HATE NIGGERS scrawled on his board. And he was saved from certain death by a local black shop keeper who then became his sidekick for the rest of the film. Now the whole object of Mr Irons making this particular policeman do this was to start a chain of events leading up to the threat of his having placed a bomb in one of New York’s 1400 schools so that every policeman in the place was sent searching. With no police around this left Mr Irons and his army of mercenaries with a clear passage to bulldoze and tunnel their way into the vault of a bank that stored gold bullion from every country who wants gold bullion stored, billions of dollars worth which gives Mr irons the cue to say something about them being an army without a country now what country should they buy? Of course in the end they are thwarted by our hero but the hole at the beginning is this – had he been killed by a gang of irate African-Americans in Harlem, which evidently is what Mr Irons thought might or could or would happen, what happens to the rest of the well laid plan? Down the old tubes, baby, no story, no film. I did enjoy it for the hokum it was including the most amazing action sequences.
It’s been threatening to rain all week. At the moment the skies are grey again but still no rain and, if it doesn’t happen,. I’ll have to get the old hosepipe out and do a spot of watering. Glad the weather was so good for Beryl’s one week break but she leaves to day so rain, please rain, and save me having to water.

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