Friday, May 1, 2009

I have always enjoyed writing these blogs even if some have been on the bland side with not really much to say, but this is the first time I have been reluctant to even start and the reason is because I am angry and thoroughly dispirited and once more it is because of religion, in this case Islam yet again. It appears the mullahs both Shiite and Sunni in Iraq have decreed it is the will of the all benevolent and merciful Allah that all homosexuals should be killed and the Iraqi militia have come up with a really cute way of carrying out God’s will – they use an irremovable glue to close a man’s anus then feed him a liquid causing diarrhoea and he dies in excruciating agony. Now who is sick here? The homosexual or the mind that thought up this truly obscene method of torture and death? Mind you, again I say there really is nothing new under the sun. Once upon a dark time in human history someone just as sick thought of a wonderful invention he called a pineapple. Actually it looked more like a metal pine cone. This was inserted into the rectum and then the metal pods like on a pine cone were opened out and the device was withdrawn bringing with it rectum and no doubt bowel as well. Well this was four hundred or so years ago and the perpetrators of this obscenity didn’t come from the Middle East and weren’t Muslim but Catholics. Isn’t it weird that the three religions that have had the biggest world-wide effect and been the cause of the most pain, death, horror and destruction have all come from the Middle East? What is it with mankind, supposedly created in God’s own image, or so we are informed, that he indulges in cruelty of the most horrendous almost unimaginable bestiality. Nature is red in tooth and claw but no animal kills merely for the hell of it, with the possible exception of cats that toy with their victim before dispatching it.
After a long spate of not receiving any, these last few days we have been inundated with pornographic messages on the internet mostly involving animals. Where do the religious stand on this issue? Also one reads of pornography involving children virtually from birth that includes torture. Surely if ever sex is to be considered thoroughly sick and depraved both these phenomena would qualify. Yet I have no doubt it is the homosexual, gay pride, gay liberation notwithstanding, that will still come in for the most anathema. I am sure the Bible thumpers across America, the god hates fags brigade of religious zealots, are only too happy to know their religious counterparts in Iraq are doing such a good job, even if they’re not Christians, and would dearly like to do the same themselves. Individuals of course have been known to do it.
Some of the internet messages on this subject have been from people so incensed by what they have learned that their immediate reaction is nuke the bastards. Unfortunately this is rather like throwing out the baby with the bath water and a lot of innocent people would be nuked in the process.
There is a wonderful story of Winston Churchill who, when informed that a certain conservative MP had been caught in flagrante delecto with a guardsman in St James’ Park said ‘On one of the coldest nights of the year? Makes you proud to be British.’ And the Shah of Iran when informed by a journalist that a number of German gays were visiting his country said, ‘Why not? Iranian men are the handsomest.’ Can bigotry and phobia be beaten?
If only … If only …


Anonymous said...

Hi Glyn, horrible to read about the reported "practice" of slaughtering gay men, but please allow me putting forward some doubt about the news. I would be willing to believe it, but could you include some quotation of the source of the report as i. e. a link or where ever it has been published?
May I also point to another aspect, the rather euphemistically called gaybashing seems to me not so much a religious kind of idea ( the Nazis did it too without a religious reason... ) but it derives in general from the deep feeling of male superiority anxiety especially in times when those authoritarian assholes fear they could loose some of their unearned power. What makes it worse is the support by female "motherly" fears to loose their share of power if they cannot provide offspring for continuing the clan traditions and also fears for beeing held responsible for the "making" of faggots...

It takes much more change in societies towards equal rights of women or even female superiority to release the evil old men from the burden of power, so they can relax and begin to enjoy what is also a part of their own sexuality: the love of themselves as male sexual beings. Wolf.

John said...

The authoritarian and political parties of the 20th Century were almost religions in themselves, with their rituals and semi-deification of the leaders ("Mussolini ha sempre ragione"). Stalin had studied to be a priest. Both Lenin and Hitler admired the Jesuits.
Homosexuals make up a third of the population according to Kinsey, as well as Masters and Johnson in their earlier, pre-AIDS survey.
The Nazi's gay-bashed for the same reason as the Xtian emperors of Rome: Declare a large segment of the population to be vermin and you can persecute and silence them as much as you choose. They have always been the champions of freedom and the responsible use of power, as Plato points out in his "Symposium". They are the natural enemies of tyranny.
In the Röhm case Hitler did try to keep the matter in bounds ("Es ist Privatsache"), but Himmler won the round. Hitler could not afford to be tarred with that brush, it came too near home.
The report about Iraq appeared in several newspapers in Britain and on the internet. It would be interesting to track it to its source.