Sunday, May 3, 2009

To continue my dissertation on deviation and pornography (which is itself deviant), both of which have been with us since time immemorial. The Greeks decorated their vases with it, the Romans depicted sexual activity on walls, in India it was carved in temples, in Japan the phallus is celebrated in festivals that even the very young can join in and, of course, the written word, poetry, illustrations, and paintings, clubs have all produced their fair share. In all this plethora of eroticism homosexuality has played a large part. With the advancement of technology naturally the ways and means of producing and distributing porn has increased. Early still photography, sepias or black and white photos of chunky gentlemen, usually with socks on, and even chunkier ladies indulging in pretty straightforward sex gave way to magazines that pretended to be health and fitness publications but were really soft porn, as were nudist ones. Films naturally followed and then came outright porn magazines, videos and DVDs. It was amazing how many young men were only too happy to let it all hang out posing for gay magazines, and for some time now we have had cyber-sex: literally hundreds of men and women from 19 to 79 years of age and from all over the world, exposing themselves, their sexual preferences, their masturbatory techniques, their little fetishes, talking to each other, urging each other on, all over the internet through the eye of their web-cam. No need anymore to have flesh to flesh bonding, no need anymore for relationships, particularly if you are an exhibitionist or a voyeur this is truly seventh heaven. The one good thing is that with nothing between the participants there is no danger of transmitting STDs, all is fantasy.
Following on the previous blog regarding the horrors taking place in Iraq I thought I would do a little research via this new medium and downloaded the first four pages of one of these sites. Under the heading MALES there are four categories: Straight, Gay, Bisexual and Bicurious. I presume this last one means someone who hasn’t tried it yet but is keen to have a go just to find out what it is like. Now, after all these years, I cannot remember what percentage of gayness Kinsey came up with in his interviews, was it 1% or 4%? I shouldn’t think all his interviewees gave him truthful answers but with modern technology what would he have come up with now? In these first four pages I counted 42 straight, 40 gay, 24 bisexual and 17 bicurious so the deviants outnumber the straights 81 to 42. There is also a separate category headed SHEMALES, in other words transsexuals so these have to be added to the deviant list. Now is it because these days the closet doors are wide open and gays are not so backwards in coming forwards and letting their sexual preference be known that they actually outnumber the straights? And who is to say how straight is straight anyway? But this seems to show just how ridiculous the ignorant homophobic religious bigots are in thinking that deviation can be eradicated by cruelty and death.
Kenneth Williams (no expert I agree but truth doesn’t always have to come from the mouths of experts) wrote in his diary, ‘Deviation is part of the human condition,’ and how right he was. He could not have put it more succinctly. Or, as Goethe said and which I never fail to quote ‘How can you call anything in nature unnatural?’

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