Monday, August 17, 2009

The atheists and the religious are having a rematch according to the Daily Mail. It all started evidently by one of the religious team accusing the atheist team of forever proselytising and doing it in a belligerent fashion, conveniently forgetting the fact that the religious have been proselytising since the year dot, at one time or other to the extent of putting a body to the torture and the fire in the belief that that would save the soul from eternal damnation. Something that has always got me wondering about the fires of hell; if one’s body is lying and decaying in the hard cold earth or has already been consumed in an earthy oven by being cremated, what is there left to be tortured by fire in the nether regions? Answers on a postcard please, not more than a thousand words! Well, one of the atheist team decided to reply to this missive by saying he didn’t proselytize and, if the aforementioned member of the religious team cared to give him just one small proof of the existence of god he would happily change sides. This prompted the Daily Mail in their letters page to headline ‘Is There Proof That God Exists?’ In the letters for and against that follow the atheists are definitely in the lead as they have nothing to prove whereas the religious team are floundering badly, not having come up with the requested proof, no matter how miniscule, they have fallen back on the old faith, belief, and it’s comforting and makes me feel good syndrome. Marvellous isn’t it?
Overcast this morning with quite heavy cloud and a distinct chill to remind us that it will soon be autumn. Supposedly the old washing machines will be picked up and carted away today for recycling. Will they be or will they just be dumped? Douglas managed to drag one up to the road by taking out its concrete ballast but it was still a hell of a job so he called our friend Robert who is coming around this morning to give a helping hand. I did offer and was told not to be stupid. Chris had previously asked our neighbour Eleftheria where he could contact an Albanian or two to do the job only to be told they’ve all gone home for the holidays.
A fairly high ranking police officer in the UK talking about crowd control after an anti-BNP really referred to intervention only for sporadic behaviour. Now what kind of behaviour could be called sporadic I wonder? ‘Men, the behaviour is getting a wee bit sporadic here, tear gas and tasers at the ready.’ Why can’t people today say what they really mean in so many words, ie that the behaviour is getting out of hand or running to violence, sporadically violent of course. Then there is the Chief constable of North Wales who refers to a motor horn as an audible warning instrument. Give him the biscuit for pretentious rubbish though he would probably in mitigation say it was only a sporadic remark.
Further to my previous thoughts on Afghanistan I now read that husbands in that benighted country can by law starve their wives to death if said wives aren’t giving them enough sex. Who would want to be a woman in a Muslim country? The tyranny of the bhurka.

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