Thursday, August 27, 2009

The proof of THE JOURNEYS WE MAKE is on its way from the UK to Crete and Chris left Crete yesterday for the UK. He has a heavy three week schedule ahead of him, buying glass for the Newbury’s windows and doing some more research into George Leybourne though when he’s going to find time now to get that book finished is anyone’s guess. These last couple of weeks both he and Douglas have been working like Trojans (almost like an audition) on the possibility of being selected as part of the film unit for Mega TV’s lengthy serial. So far so good but there is still one more hurdle to overcome so say no more. Also the windows commission is huge and will take at least six months to complete. Will he have time to design a new set for Prosceneium as requested? I doubt it.
Tuesday’s blog was delayed by an electricity blackout of four and a half hours. On the whole we have been lucky this summer, there have only been two or three very short ones. This was the first of any length. I’ve also been fairly lucky with those pestilential little critters the mosquitoes, not suffering nearly as many bites as in summers past. Now, as we approach the end of August there is a definite coolness in the air at night and early mornings. Have picked the first half dozen nut peaches. Picked ‘em still green and will let them ripen indoors. If left too long the birds and the insects get at them. The prickly pears are ripening and there are masses of them. That bush really has to be chopped back sometime. It is growing far too large; and it’s babies rooted up as well, growing out of a concrete wall would you believe. When Douglas and I came back from Italy, was it two or three years ago? We brought him a bottle of prickly pear liquor which has never been opened. I’m tempted to try it myself and if good maybe Douglas can make a prickly pear raki though he (Douglas) doesn’t like the fruit itself. Says it’s like eating baby food. How would he know?
Have I mentioned our big problem with the rats? Can’t remember if I have. They’re nesting in the roof of the upstairs guest bedroom and goodness only knows what they’re doing in there the amount of noise they make scampering around and scrabbling away. Unfortunately those creatures can get in anywhere whereas we can’t get at them so it is a problem because who knows what damage they’re causing. They are quite amazing in their agility. I’ve watched one running down a perfectly smooth vertical plastic drainpipe next door, a surface you would think impossible to cling on to. Once one decided he would take a walk along the horizontal section of chimney pipe and jumped onto it from the roof. Unfortunately for him there was a fire going at the time and with little squeaks he went hopping along as far as he could go before leaping into the orange tree in the courtyard, I should think with very sore paws. These are quite pretty creatures being country rats and not city dwellers.
Yesterday evening watch the film of THE HISTORY BOYS and don’t know quite what to think of it. The play won countless awards, played thousands of performances all over he world and received universal acclaim but … I’m a great admirer of Mr Bennett’s writing but for me he might have missed the boat with this one as, even though there was so much that was good in it, I found myself at times thinking ‘I’m bored with this,’ and that despite wonderful performances. Maybe it was just a wee bit too wordy for a movie or am I out of step yet again, or just growing older?

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