Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nine days to Christmas, that season of joy when the shop tills ring merrily on high, everyone overeats or over drinks and for most people the religious meaning of the festivity is forgotten. It is forgotten that it was Mithras’s birthday. Oops! Sorry, Jesus’ birthday as well of course and that it is also a season of peace and goodwill. So consider the peace and goodwill emanating from a Muslim “Religion of Peace” demonstration in London when the homemade banners, placards really I suppose, read the following: “Slay those who insult Islam. Exterminate those who insult Islam. Butcher those who mock Islam. Behead those who mock Islam. Islam will dominate the world. Europe learn some lessons from 9/11. Freedom go to hell. Be prepared for the real holocaust.” Does this say all that needs to be said about this peaceful religion?
Now the sixty four thousand dollar question I ask myself, well there are more than one but let’s start with this one; there are laws in the United Kingdom that specifically deal with incitement to violence and racial hatred, was a single marcher on this day arrested? Somehow I very much doubt it. It would upset the Muslims too much. It would seem of all religions this one is the most sensitive since primary schools are no longer doing nativity plays in case Muslim pupils are upset, and so forth and so forth. In a way it is thanks to the PC brigade that this kind of demonstration can go ahead without let or hindrance. As someone said, can you imagine a Christian demonstration in downtown Baghdad? The second question is why do all these people want to live in Europe, especially Great Britain as she was once called, in the first place? Well the answer to that is quite simple, Britain’ social security is the softest touch in the world for those who quickly learn how to manipulate and live off it.
The pictures have not been shown on American television or in American newspapers. They were taken by a Canadian who felt Christians should be made aware of what is happening. But are Christians the only ones to be made aware? What about the Buddhists, the Hindus, Jews, Shinto, Rastafarians, Taoism and others too numerous to mention?
But to put things in perspective, when one thinks of Islam one usually thinks simply of the Middle East and North Africa and forgets just how widespread Islam is, in the far east, in all the stans that used to be part of the USSR, in countries like Nigeria in little known places like Chechnya, Bosnia, and not all Muslims are fire-eating fanatics.
In Somalia a man is buried up to his shoulders and stoned to death for adultery. Whether or not he deserved to be punished, this was the punishment under Sharia law and in this day and age it is a blot on humankind, being not only primitive, but despicably and horribly cruel.
Rant over for today.

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