Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have a Polish fan. At least that’s what he tells me, bluntly and in no uncertain terms, “I am your fan” and requests I send him a signed photograph. But questions arise here. I know the internet brings together people, total strangers, from all over the world but this is the first time I have received a message from Poland and I am intrigued as to what has brought it about. The first question is why is he a fan? A fan of what? I mean how does he know about me? I have to presume it is as an actor which means some television programme(s) have been aired in Poland and this then raises the question, what photograph do I send my new fan? Any television I might have been in is now ancient history so to speak so do I send him a photo of me as a young man or as I am now? I have plenty of the former, leftovers from times when I needed them while still in the rat race. Maybe I’ll send him one of those.
The garden, thanks to our new Adam, ie Douglas Foote, looks as if it going to provide an abundance this summer which is just as well as prices rise higher and higher. I think mainly due to the cost of petrol. Yesterday we spent 50 euro and it didn’t fill the tank. A while back 30 would have done the trick. Every time we pass Haralambos’s garage the price has gone up and it now stands at 1.60 a litre! Slightly cheaper in town but never lower than 1.56 plus those odd pennies, always strange. Probably like the old days when a thing costing a pound was marked up at nineteen shillings and eleven pence ha’penny, At one time even to the three farthings till the farthing went out of existence, like the threepenny bit.
Anyway, from the garden so far, some delicious peas, very sweet, lettuce galore, lovely green beans, courgettes, strawberries. The mulberry trees and lemons have been in full fruit and now, after the glut of oranges, the apricot is taking over and the fruit already falling. Talking of a glut of oranges there are obviously still trees fruiting, probably a different variety to ours, and in Kalyves they’re selling at twelve kilos for 5 euro so at least something is still cheap. But what does one do with twelve kilos of oranges at a time unless you are a restaurant? The restaurants of course will still charge the earth for a fresh orange juice I don’t know how true it is but at one time I believe some European Quango banned the export of Cretan oranges because they were too large, can you believe it? Yes I can. Like wanting straight bananas and cucumbers,

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