Friday, June 18, 2010

A young man in America has just been sentenced to nine years imprisonment for shooting and killing a “youth leader” who evidently systematically abused him over twenty years. Since the case came to court others have come forward to confirm the sexual abuse which had been going on for all this time. Now I don’t believe the young man had a right to kill no matter what he felt and the judge seems to have been pretty reasonable in sentencing him because of that. What I simply can’t understand is, why as an adult did the young man still put up with it and why hadn’t he years before complained to someone so that the abuse would stop and the perpetrator jailed? Okay, as a child he would no doubt have been too afraid but as an adult he lets it fester until he snaps and kills. I just don’t see it, neither for himself or all the others who were abused. It strikes me as most odd.
Meanwhile abuse in the form of FGM – female genital mutilation or female circumcision continues in varies parts of the world. Male circumcision is a worthless operation except in extreme cases of phimosis but female circumcision is horrible. How many millions of women have suffered having it done to them? It doesn’t bear thinking about.
Now Kenya, in parts of which FGM is still practiced, seems to be going rabidly homophobic adding another country to Africa’s neurosis. Islam is mainly responsible of course; homosexuality is a sin and deserves death. The Christians aren’t that far behind in condemnation. I sometimes wonder if we are living in 2010 or are we still in 1010? But on the universal subject of sex something more light-hearted; in going through the bookshelves I also pulled out one I didn’t know we had titled “The Complete Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Erotic Failure” which is bizarre but great fun and had me chortling merrily away.
For instance – A spokesman for Jiffi Condoms has denied that the company’s sales slogan. “Play it safe, play it cool, wear a Jiffi, on your tool” encouraged an irresponsible attitude to sex. Jiffi were particularly anxious to reach teenagers, he said, it was therefore important to speak to them in their own language. Supporting his case, the executive unveiled Jiffi’s latest point-of-sale material – a range of products which included tee-shirts, posters and mugs all bearing the message
If she’s game
And wants your plonker
Wear a Jiffy
So you can bonk her.
Hardly the subtlest advertising campaign.

Tim and Beverly la Hayes wrote a book called “The Art Of Marriage” in which they claimed “Christian men and women experience a higher degree of orgasmic enjoyment than non-Christians.” Say no more.

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Amen to that brother Glyn!