Friday, June 4, 2010

So the Eurovision song contest is over for another year and Germany comes out the winner. I didn’t watch any of it because our telly has been on the blink for months and we just haven’t bothered to do anything about it. Chris and Douglas though went down to our Norwegian friends in Georgopoli who have a Eurovision bash every year. Neither of them came home seemingly all that impressed with what they heard. I saw a section of the English boy’s effort on the news and all I can say is it’s no wonder Great Britain came last with ten measly points. He and his song were both truly pathetic, embarrassingly so. How on earth did they get that far? Talk about jutzpah!
Not having watched it I can’t guess how many millions were spent on yet another spectacular. Following on the story of the food aid funds in India being diverted for the Commonwealth Games, there was a story on Headline News about the new football stadium built in Rustenburg by the local king who evidently gets, was it 20 or 25% of the income from platinum which means he is worth a fortune. So he builds this fantastic stadium whilst all around there is still the poverty and the jobless. What happens when the World Cup is over and there are no more international football matches to play, particularly in Rustenburg which is a dorp to say the least? I am sure part of Greece’s financial problems is down to the Olympic Games and the same thing is going to happen to London I bet. They should have let the French have them.
If you haven’t seen it – look it up on Youtube – a gymnastic act called “Spellbound” performing on Britain’s Got Talent and spell binding they are too. A dozen or so beautiful young boys and girls in an act so daring and so beautifully choreographed it simply takes your breath away. I t certainly seemed to do that to Simon Cowell whose face was a picture, the other judges as well. It’s little wonder they deservedly received a standing ovation. (The act not the judges). When one hears so much about a lost generation, how wonderful to see something like this and realise just what these kids are capable of. They have evidently become a huge hit in America where the act has been described as “jaw-dropping” and the clips, not surprisingly, have had millions of hits. I have watched it a number of times and each time it only seems to be more impressive.
Another quite remarkable act was the dancing dog and, when I say dancing, that’s what he did. He did his exercise at the barre before going into the most convoluted routine with his mistress and this again was simply a jaw-dropping act. He even took his bow when it was over and he really seemed to enjoy what he was doing. How long did it take to train this canny animal I wonder? and surely something like this must show people just how wonderfully intelligent animals are and hopefully treat them with a little more respect.

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