Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golly gosh, the wonderment continues unabated and one is completely gobsmacked by it all. We have just been privileged to take a peep into the kitchens at Buck House where the wedding breakfast will be prepared. I must say the kitchens are vast, I guess they need to be for state banquets etcetera, and I lost count of the number of cooks mucking about, all in their white duds each doing their own thing. The one dishing up a hundred pounds of green peas into stainless steel containers got some good close-ups. His mum’s probably very proud of him. ‘Here, Masie, did you see our Ken on the telly last night?’ Didn’t notice any pepper being thrown about though. How does one get to be a cook in a royal establishment I wonder? Out of the kitchens there were shots of crystal glasses being lined up in a banqueting room, a ruler taken to each one that obviously is not allowed to be a fraction out of position. I have never been anti-royalist but this bloody wedding might very well drive me to it. Maybe it’s time to call it a day. Maybe kingship really has become outmoded. After all a number of other countries have successfully got rid of theirs even if their princes and princelings and other bits and pieces of royal flotsam and jetsam still mooch about using their meaningless titles. But if William was not to be king what would he do I wonder? Work in the city most probably and earn enormous bonuses. Also one shudders to think who might become head of state when one thinks of what other countries at various times have elected as their leader. Not that that would matter to me. I’m too old even to worry about the Muslim takeover of the world and the founding of Sharia law in what was once Christian countries, never mind whether or not British royalty is going to survive the decade.
Now I have received an e-mail from American friends Tom Hendricks and Harrison Paris to say that my last Blog was a repeat so, checking up on it, it was indeed! Now how on earth did that happen? Senility with the merry passage of time I guess and I can’t tell you how fast it’s travelling. When I write one of these small gems (Tee hee hee!), I head it with Blog and number and, when it is posted, I delete the heading so I know it has gone. This one is Blog 277 so 276 must have been repeated because I forgot to delete the heading and thought it hadn’t gone out. Q.E.D. I shall make sure my mind stays focused in future; what mind I have left that is what with losing 6000 cells a day? Is that right? My apologies to readers for the cock-up. The weird thing is these two numbers occurred that night in one of those vivid but crazy mixed-up dreams one has; this one involving truckers on a highway, a violent rugby match and state troopers firing rifles from roof tops. There were other elements too but forgotten. Don’t ask me what the significance of all that was.
The weather yesterday went completely bonkers. We had what in South Africa we used to call a monkey’s wedding; that is rain and sun simultaneously. We had a thunderstorm and we had the most violent fifteen minutes of hail that I thought was going to come right through the roof. Guess there won’t be much fruit this year. Even without my very expensive hearing aid the sound was deafening if that is not a contradiction. I only mention the fact that my hearing aid was very expensive because that is what I am always told when I refuse to wear it.

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Ben Herman said...

Myself, I consider this overblown spectacle of a "royal wedding" to be yet another form of the ubiquitous modern-day versions of Bread and Circuses that the mass media offers up to distract the general public from global political & economic instability. Honestly, I just don't give a damn about the whole thing, and I wish more people would recognize what a pointless, overblown exercise in image over substance this entire affair really is.