Thursday, May 3, 2012

Derby Leicester Loughborough

Not that there is anything new in riots: it’s the same thing all over again as history repeats itself. In 1811 the towns of Derby, Leicester and Loughborough saw rioting but there was a reason for it, even if the reason was in fact unreasonable, and that is it happened because of industrialisation and many in the cloth trade, weavers in particular of course, felt their livelihoods were at stake. What was the reason for the 2011 riots? People have come up with all sorts of theories, mostly in sympathy it seems with the rioters, so you tell me what it was all about?
Neither, or so I believe, is multiculturism a viable proposition. The circumcision of young girls is still carried out in the UK despite being against the law and last year London saw what was called the “Religion of Peace Demonstration!” There was a complete blackout with photographs of the marchers not shown on television or in the press and can you imagine why? They were however available on the internet and the idea of peace evinced by these crazy Muslim fanatics is displayed on the placards they carried.
‘Slay Those Who would Insult Islam,’ ‘Butcher Those Who Mock Islam,’ ‘Behead those Who Insult Islam,’ ‘Europe Is The Cancer. Islam is The Answer,’ ‘Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam,’ ‘Islam Will Dominate The World,’ ‘Europe take some Lesson from 9/11,’ ‘Be Prepared For The Real Holocaust,’ ‘To Hell With Freedom,’ and that says it all, as it is this very freedom that allows them to behave in this appalling fashion; and that is their idea of peace?
What do you think the reaction would be if someone carried a banner down Whitehall reading, ‘To Hell With Islam?’ I will tell you exactly what will happen; he will be arrested within minutes, bundled off and charged with a hate crime and could very well be sent to prison. Did any of these chanting hysterical Muslims get arrested? Who knows, as the government tried to keep it all a dead dark secret? There is also the small matter of clerics inciting violence, child brides, arranged marriages, acid attacks, and honour killings and the constant demand for places of prayer, that is the building of mosques, but try getting permission for a Christian church to be built in a Muslim country. Can you honestly see that happening? I know they do exist but were built in less fanatical times. I shouldn’t think any of them are of recent construction. In Paris at times of prayer certain streets are entirely blocked by the kneeling faithful and in London a Muslim bus driver left his cab and his passengers to kneel in the road and pray. You can imagine how the passengers felt about that! And finally there are too many taking advantage of English generosity, not just Muslims but immigrants from Eastern Europe as well who simply refuse to learn English so government documents, road signs etcetera have to be produced in a multitude of languages. The work and expense this involves is almost incalculable. America has the right idea, ‘Welcome to our country, now learn the language.’
It would be comforting and pleasant to think that people can live in harmony cheek by jowl but unfortunately, in practice, it simply doesn’t happen and the demonstration for peace only goes to prove it.

Part Three to follow…


Lewis said...

In the Netherlands, no foreigner gets a residence permit unless he first passes an exam in Basic Dutch.

Lewis said...

The "Religion of Peace" is all about the peace of the grave.

Ben Herman said...

Hiding behind freedom of speech and religion is nothing new. Here in the States, groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party take advantage of their First Amendment rights to speak the most virulently hateful rhetoric. More recently, other more "legitimate" groups such as the Tea Party have done much the same. So it is not at all surprising to find Muslim extremists hiding behind Free Speech to advocate violence.

That said, there is the precedent, at least here, that you cannot shout "fire" in a crowded theater, so to speak. If any group is advocating actual violence, then they should be held responsible for whatever actions result. I agree, in the quest to maintain cultural senstivity & tolerance, sometimes certain groups get a pass for behavior that would be considered unacceptable in others.

Perhaps I should blog about this myself in the future. Thanks for a thoughtful post, Glyn.