Friday, June 8, 2012

Pastor Charles Worley

Pastor Charles Worley of the providence Road Baptist church in North Carolina has come up with a stunning plan “to get rid of all queers and lesbians.” And exactly what is this stunning amazing brilliant wonderful fantastic final solution kind of plan? A concentration camp no less. “Build a great big large fence 150 by 100,” he says, “put them in there, feed them and in a few years they will soon die out as they cannot reproduce.” If this were not so inane as to beggar the imagination it would be laughable except of course that fundamentalist Christians are not exactly known for their sense of humour. Obviously the rev. (sic) Worley believes homosexuality is a one-off thing existing in one generation and once the current batch have been dispatched, hey presto, no more poovery! Hitler had the same brilliant idea which is why there are no homosexuals in Germany today. Not in Austria, Poland, or any other country the Germans overran; all eliminated for once and all.
As I say, Christians do not on the whole have a sense of humour and if the rev. intended this as a joke it was a truly sick one. On the other hand if he seriously believes what he says he must have the intelligence of a roach. In fact a roach, having survived billions of years, is probably the cleverer.  How could he lay himself open to obvious ridicule if he weren’t a total idiot and as thick as two planks? Let’s seriously consider his plan. Firstly, would his 150/100 be large enough to hold all the gays, lesbians and bisexuals in America and how would he root out all the unobvious married ones or those still in the closet and, if those of the current generation don’t die off fast enough, how is he going to make room for those coming of age as it were?  Who exactly is going to do the rounding up? I am led to believe in the Third Reich it was the butch non-obvious band of brothers type in the SS who hounded and gave away their weaker brethren whose obviousness could queer their pitch (apt saying that, no?) It is a fact that the warrior class are renowned for their homosexuality but at least the Theban Band and the Japanese Samurai behaved nobly, unlike their SS counterparts. Secondly if Kinsey and other sexologists are correct he will be denying society a significant number of its work force and who is going to pay for all the food so many hungry mouths will need in their camp? The Nazis solved the problem by simply not feeding their prisoners and letting them starve to death but their camps did not last, being in duration no more than eight years before being finally liberated at the end of World War Two, so that still doesn’t solve the problem of the continual yearly input for ever and ever and ever and ever.
Does the reverend firmly believe he numbers no homosexuals among his acquaintances, friends, family, and relations? Or that his Baptist congregation is entirely immune to this dreadful sin? Chance would be a fine thing. His ignorance is appalling. Churches do breed some truly weird specimens or some truly weird specimens disgrace their church.
There is an old saying that goes something like “methinks the lady protesteth too much” and I cannot help but feel this could very well apply to our rev. noting his hatred, his spleen, and his obvious fear. Self denial and the dark of the closet is safer than the bright light of day.

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