Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Tails

One more story about the Olympics before moving on. Visa, as an Olympic sponsor, has banned the use of rival cards at games venues. All Cashpoints that accept MasterCard or American Express – closed! There is the heavy clout of big business for you. The question is, will the other card companies take it lying down or will they fight back and, another question, could it be legal or is it flouting the monopolies commission? We await the outcome with a yawn and only slightly baited breath.

Kim managed to escape from the bunker virgo intacto but naturally she didn’t land with her arse in the honey. Instead she went from frying pan to fire and was taken hostage by a gunman in a convenience store while the cashier lay on the floor wounded and the cops had the place surrounded. Poor Kim, whatever will the poor lass go through next? Meanwhile the main storyline; that is a nuclear device due to be exploded by terrorists over LA has been found and flown out of the city to be safely detonated in the Mojave Desert in a specific spot to limit fallout.

Now a tale of two tails, one wagging happily, one drooping in pain and despair. English visitors to Greece constantly complain (quite rightly) that the Greeks have no respect for and do not know how to treat animals but is it a case of pots and kettles?
In the UK animal cruelty and neglect convictions rise, says the RSPCA. The number of people convicted of animal cruelty and neglect rose by nearly a quarter in England and Wales last year. Cases included a dog stabbed repeatedly with a potato peeler and a blind kitten found dumped in a carrier bag. The animal charity said it was facing a funding crisis as a result of having to deal with so many cases. Its chief executive Gavin Grant said the charity showed "zero tolerance" to people who abused animals. Other cases included a collapsed and emaciated dog dumped on Christmas morning and a dog that ate her dead mate to survive after being abandoned in a flat. “Zero tolerance is shown to animal abusers,” Gavin Grant said. “Anyone causing pain for profit or amusement will be tracked down and prosecuted.” But how many I wonder get away with it? "We need the courts and councils, police and people who care to join us in standing up and getting justice for Britain's abused animals."

Now the wagging tails, an entirely different picture. Dempsey’s report card reads – Dempsey had a really good day at the farm enjoying her time with friends. In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the woods. She also had a little nap.
Dempsey is a dog.
The idea for doggie crèches evidently started in America (where else?)  but there are now any number in the UK. While you are out at work your doggie will be having a whale of a time playing with friends, listening to classical music and being chauffeured from and back to home at the end of the day. This of course does not come cheap – £25 a day with owners of two dogs stumping up a whopping £1000 a month for weekly care. It’s great that people love and think so much of their pets but there are some who are, in my opinion just a little bit whacky, like who on earth gives their dog Eggs Benedict for breakfast every day? Or won’t put their dog on the ground in case it gets dirty? Or requesting their dog be chauffeured in a hired car rather than in a van?  We have always loved our animals and given them the best life possible but pampered poochery can go too far and is not necessarily good for the dog. There are a lot of children in the world who could do with such pampering and a thousand pounds a month could go a long way.


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Lewis said...

Yes, but those dewy-eyed kiddies for whom I donated Geldorf money in the 1970s are now gun-toting killers for Mugabe and his ilk.
P.S. That ilk can get pretty dangerous, too, when he's on the rampage.