Thursday, July 11, 2013

World Violence

What on earth is sport, in particular soccer, coming to?  Football riots in Egypt some little while back that led to a number of deaths was bad enough but now In Sao Paula, Brazil a referee got into a fight with a player that ended up with him drawing a knife and fatally stabbing the player at which point friends, relatives, and others rushed on to the field, stoned the referee to death and, as if that wasn’t enough, quartered his body. Was there really any need for that? Did they use the same knife or were there others? And this is where the World Cup is to take place.
Now there is a question as to whether the NFL (American football) has a crime problem with a number of players being arrested on murder and other serious charges.
The world seems to be coming more and more violent and, unfortunately, a great deal of it has to be put down to Islam no matter how much its adherents claim it to be a peaceful religion. The civil war in Syria, or certainly what amounts to a civil war, grows more and more barbaric with Jihadists spreading sharia law and apparently wanting to take over and turn the country into a Muslim state. Sunni and Shia are forever at each others throats, bombing and killing and in Syria a fourteen year old boy selling coffee and being asked how about a free cup was shot dead for making a casual remark about the Prophet. Evidently what he said smiling was something like ‘Not till the Prophet returns’ and he was overheard by three men who took him outside and put three bullets into him while a crowd, including his mother, watched.  Evidently one of the men was heard to say ‘You can insult god but you cannot insult the Prophet.’  None of the Jihadist groups who seemingly are already fighting among themselves has claimed responsibility; in fact they all claim to be shocked and outraged by it.
Meanwhile what is happening in the UK? At long last and at a cost of thousands in legal aid to the British taxpayer to finance appeal after appeal, the evil cleric Abu Qatada has finally been deported to his home country of Jordan where he faces terrorist charges. There are a great many more who should be deported but it is too easy for them to quote the Human Rights Act to forestall anything happening. Like Qatada they could go on with appeal after appeal.
Muslims in England, a country that has given them shelter and generous benefits hold mass rallies in places like Hyde Park where they display banners proclaiming death to all who mock Islam or the Prophet, the words used being kill, slay, butcher, behead. And in the country that has give them the freedom to spew out their hatred in this fashion a placard that reads, “To hell with freedom.”  And nothing is done to control them, which would be racist. They might be a hysterical ignorant mob but there is more danger that sooner or later will have to be faced. Attempts to influence the British parliament, vigilante groups on the streets in London’s East End proclaiming this is ‘A Muslim state’ and demanding the introduction of sharia law which surreptitiously exists in many communities anyway though I would hope any public floggings, stonings, decapitations or amputations would have British law swooping down fast, or would that also be considered racist?
There have been a number of Islamic terrorist attacks but who knows when and where another will take place that the security forces will not be able to prevent?

The country now boasts hundreds of mosques and women wear the hijab. Whole areas of towns like Bradford, Halifax, Nottingham are dominated by Muslim families but there is worse to come. They have now infiltrated the quiet countryside and it would seem it is always a rabid cleric who leads the way. The place is the quiet typically English Buckinghamshire village of Fulmer. The man is Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, 34 year old firebrand Shia cleric.  At the beginning of the year he fronted a campaign to raise £2 million to buy a large barnlike building on the outskirts of the village previously used as a retreat by the Plymouth Brethren and now renamed the Al Muhassin Mosque. In 2003 he was jailed in his native country of Kuwait for launching lewd attacks on some of the most revered figure of Sunni Islam. He then fled to Britain which naturally, the English being what they are, granted him asylum although Kuwait has requested his extradition to stand trial it is quite obvious this is another one who has nothing to fear as far as that is concerned. He runs a television station, Fadak TV and uses it to continue has inflammable rhetoric setting Shia against Sunni and Sunni against Shia that has moderate Muslims in Great Britain extremely worried, and if they are worried how do the Brits feel about it? He has encouraged believers to make an effort to inhabit areas around the mosque and, should he be successful in this, the once quiet peaceful little village will be no more, that is a certainty. Labour has a great deal to answer for with their open immigration policy and who knows what will happen next?

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