Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Because of the Zimbabwe elections this Blog sent earlier.

The monster of Zimbabwe, one Robert Mugabe, said at a rally that if you cast your vote for him in the next election he promises to behead all homosexuals! As though that poor country hasn’t suffered enough under his brutal dictatorship. “US President Barrack Obama says if you want aid, you should accept the homosexuality practice. Aah, we will never do that.” He describes homosexuals as worse than pigs, dogs, and birds. How the hell did birds enter into it? The man is a maniac, totally off his head. While people of his ilk still exist there is no hope for humanity. When I read something like this I momentarily wish, like a good ole southern Baptist, that I believed in the afterlife and heaven and hell. If anyone deserved to go into the flames for all eternity it is this totally immoral mobster. Alas, it is not to be. He will just die like everyone else, every other dictator who has ever been, and all that will be left is the memory of the atrocities committed under his dictatorship. Was this really what Zimbabweans threw off the colonial yoke for? He has been president for more than three decades why on earth does he want it again at his age? Much better if the scumbag just died. It would make the world a cleaner place. Unfortunately he will win the election hands down. It’s amazing what effect a bit of thuggish browbeating can achieve. The man’s idea of government is to send his wife and entourage off to Paris to do a bit of shopping and build himself a billion dollar palatial mansion while his people are starving, deprived of basic amenities, and the country’s infra-structure is crumbling by the day. His palace, in the worst possible taste, a sort of Baroque/Rococo/Sun King structure in the heart of Africa is a fitting tribute to the absolute corruption of power. I remember a school friend so many years ago saying, when he and his mother (father killed at El Alamein in World War 11) were about to emigrate to Rhodesia as it then was, “That’s the country of the future.” Some future. His name was Peter Lasker. I wonder what ever happened to him.
“So keep your clean drinking water and food rations, United States!” the imbecile goes on to say, “Zimbabwe has everything they need in the world’s largest collection of severed gay heads.” In this day and age this is totally appalling and we thought the recent legislation in Russia was bad enough.
So what is happening elsewhere? In Uganda ultra rich fundamentalist preachers from the US, losing the battle in their own country, have been having a field day, all in the name of God, as they rage against homosexuality, preaching hatred and even going to the extent of showing gay pornography, with what result? The damage they cause is incalculable as all they have done is set in motion a wave of hysterical homophobia and as though Uganda doesn’t already have criminal sanctions against homosexuality even to the extent of, like Mugabe, threatening a death sentence and is a country where women and children on suspicion of being witches are imprisoned in a camp. In South Africa however that marvelous man the Rev. Desmond Tutu has said he will not worship a homophobic god but he, in turn, is fighting a losing battle against ignorance and stupidity though he does now have some sort of backing from the Pope who has said more or less that gays cannot help their orientation and should not be marginalized though homosexuality was still a sin. In other words hate the sin love the sinner. “If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and is of goodwill who am I to judge him?”
The same cannot be said for the splenetic right wingers in the US: the Republicans, the Baptists, the Fundamentalists, the Evangelists who, since the passing of the same marriage act in many places have come out with the most ridiculous and malevolent propaganda – i.e. pictures of humans kissing their horse, their dog, their cat. In other words implying the floodgates have opened and who knows where it will end?
Another good ole boy from the Deep South, Mississippi I shouldn’t wonder, a state that, like Texas, enacts the strangest laws ever devised, some while ago came up with the brilliant scheme of putting all lesbians in one field surrounded by an electrified fence and gays in another. Unable to breed they would automatically die out. Let us get down on our knees and thank the Lord God with all our hearts and a thousand hallelujahs of praise that he sends such servants among us to illuminate our sinful lives. The good ole Pastor forgets the Nazis did this, killing off thousands of gays in their concentration camps and I am glad to report Germany is today completely free of these wretched sinful ungodly creatures. Also the question arises as to where he is going to find fields big enough? Perhaps he should nominate a couple of states (obviously not Mississippi or Texas) maybe Arkansan and California. Everyone knows that California is simply ridded with gays, there they swarm like termites. Neither has he taken into account that gays are born from heterosexual couplings and that each new generation will produce more because it has always been with us and always will be. If God hates fags as the W’boro Baptists believe I am amazed He has allowed it to flourish universally.

It never ceases to amaze me that in the year 2013 so many have their mindsets in the year 913 or thereabouts with their ghastly vision of heaven and hell and sinners burning and tormented for ever. How you burn forever without a corporeal body beats me and a flesh and bone body wouldn't last five minutes let alone being tortured for eternity. All very well for Prometheus on the order of Zeus to suffer everlasting torment having an eagle peck out his liver every day, but he was a Titan, a mythical figure of Greece, so the question I would like to ask every fundamentalist believer in heaven and hell is where the hell in fact are they? I suppose with a violent stretch of the imagination hell could be located in the steaming white hot bowels of the earth but where precisely is heaven? It is stated unequivocally that Christ in full view of his audience “ascended into heaven” which means quite literally that defying the law of gravity he rose bodily up into the sky, and don’t forget his mother followed shortly after in the same fashion, but to where did they actually go? Apart from succumbing from the lack of oxygen or freezing temperatures, since these words were written man has travelled to the moon and explored some of the vast expanses of space but there has been no sign of any heaven where Jesus and his mama could have ended up. But heaven is a noun, it is a place, it must exist somewhere, but where? Maybe there is a theologian who can give an answer or maybe even a good ole Southern Republican Baptist boy or gal who believes implicitly in its existence. No more than 10000 words on a postcard please. 

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Macavity also broke the law of gravity, not just the Christ family.