Thursday, September 18, 2008

Athens is Athens - Hot hot hot. Rain that would cool things down and which has been promised for three days sill hasn’t put in an appearance. All we’ve had are a few dimity clouds so the heat is oppressively humid. And, though the breeze this evening is cool it is still sweatsville
Ceri and Dennis left yesterday for the UK. Douglas took them to the airport but I saw them off at Victoria Square. Decided I didn’t have the breath to go all the way and would only hold them up. Time goes ever faster and faster. It’s like only yesterday that they arrived on the Cretan doorstep.
This area seems even more ethnically mixed than before and got a cheery wide-smile greeting on the balcony yesterday from our new neighbour next door who I assume (perhaps wrongly but I assume) to be Pakistani.
Am still engrossed in Reginald Hill’s book and, if I keep reading at this rate, will have to go to my favourite Athens bookstore for something new, depending upon how long I stay here that is.
CNN has been all doom and gloom with the world going to hell in a financial hand basket, that among other things of course but mainly that, banks and stockmarkets going down the tubes.
Had intended to go and look at the new Akropoli museum today but the heat put me off and, if I am going down to Ommonia tomorrow to get the papers I might as well continue on and kill two birds as it were. Perhaps it will be cooler.

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