Monday, September 1, 2008

I hear via the grapevine, how shall I put this in discreet fashion, that the Baxter girls were, how shall we say, a trifle disappointed in that their names were mentioned ONLY ONCE! in a previous Blog so here I am endeavouring to make amends. I don’t know whether James and Ursula were disappointed that their names were mentioned only once but again, hello there James and Ursula. That, folks, I don’t need to remind you are James and Ursula Baxter, and their three lovely daughters are Inez, Nina and Lucy. Inez of course is the eldest, Nina is the middle one and Lucy is the youngest. James and Ursula how lucky you are to have three daughters like Inez, Nina and Lucy, kouklas all. (that is Greek for “dolls”). Inez, Nina, and Lucy Baxter were little dolls when we first knew them but each year sees them that little bit taller and, as the song from Gigi has it, thank heavens for little girls which particularly applies in the case of Inez, Nina and Lucy Baxter. It is always an enjoyable occasion whenever we see Inez, Nina, and Lucy Baxter whether it is at their house, our house or eating out in a restaurant. At our house the greetings for Inez, Nina and Lucy were ecstatic from the three dogs as well but that will never be again because one poor little dog has departed for that great kennel and biscuits in the sky and the old girl Sweeny (I’ll mention her name only once) now spends ninety-five percent of her time asleep, three percent eating and two percent finding a different place to sleep. Next time James, Ursula, Inez, Nina and Lucy Baxter visit I have a feeling the ecstatic greetings will come only from Merrill and, of course the three humming beans who are always delighted to see them. I think love is in the equation somewhere, don’t you? James, Ursula, Inez, Nina and Lucy?


James – 6

Ursula – 6

Inez - 9

Nina – 9

Lucy – 9

Sweeney – 1

Merrill – 1

Glyn – Nul Pwah as they used to pronounce it on Eurovision!

Chris – Nul Pwah

Douglas – Nul Pwah

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