Friday, September 5, 2008

Chris, Ceri, and Dennis arrived by ferry at sparrow this morning and Douglas went into Souda to pick them up. Seems the trip was uneventful and I suppose holiday makers might appreciate the early arrival, giving them a long day ahead, but it always flattens me for the rest of the day, especially as the noise over the tannoy starts very early indeed after which it is impossible to sleep. Anyway they seemed pretty chirpy so obviously the early rising didn’t have too deleterious an effect. Apart from the early arrival we love the boat trip to Piraeus or back because it’s like part of the break. I couldn’t care if I never fly again. I really loathe it. Should I ever be so fortunate as to go to Sofia (Bulgaria) to see one of my plays in performance it will be by ferry to Piraeus, metro to Athens, train to Thessalonica and change there for a train to Sofia. I even think if ever I have to go back to the UK I would prefer to do it by train. The agent e-mailed me Early One Morning, one of the four plays she requested, translated into Bulgarian which is all well and good but naturally not a word of it could I read, I mean because of the alphabet, not the words. It might as well have been in Chinese or Japanese. Still if one is produced there two of us get to see something of another country all expenses paid on top of royalties which can’t be bad.

E-mail from Solon yesterday informing us that my website has expired and we were wondering how on earth we were going to pay for its renewal having these last two months paid out nearly 2000 euro by necessity when the mailman delivered a nice little check from my agents in London, Film Rights, which just nicely covers it. Hopefully Solon will wait a short while though before we can pay him as the Greek banking system is truly weird in that cheques have to sit for 30 days before you can get your tiny hands on your money! Mind you, if you present a cheque in Greece that bounces the penalties are extremely heavy so I suppose caution is the name of the game.

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