Sunday, September 28, 2008

More grown-up words in Under World but I haven’t bothered reaching for the dictionary. I have to admit I am not enjoying this one as much as all the others. Can’t understand for a start why Ellie Pascoe is behaving like a Rottweiler towards her husband. Maybe all will become clear later. Our own ancient hound, not a Rottweiler but a gentle old girl of mixed parentage, is under my desk fast asleep and farting like a trooper. I’m seriously beginning to wish she’d go and sleep elsewhere before I am asphyxiated. For the most part they are silent but occasionally there is a little squeak and I know gas is heading my way.

Watched the pilot and first episode of Ugly Betty on DVD yesterday evening and can’t say I am as enamoured of it as Chris obviously is. However will give it another go. Maybe it will grow on me. Was also somewhat disappointed in Cold Mountain. Can’t put a finger on it and, for the first time I actually liked Nicole Kidman, except for once or twice when the little girlie act made me wince, and I actually heard every word she said. This time I had trouble with Jude Law. Has he apprenticed himself to the school of mumble mumble acting I wonder? Or was it the accent? Or the character? Or the wounded throat? Anyway, whatever it was I missed quite a lot of his dialogue. Guess as I get older I just can’t win.

Also watched All About Eve again after an absence of goodness knows how many years and what a great movie it is. No trouble hearing all those actors speak their lines either.

I read in The Daily Mail – always get it on a Friday for the film, theatre and book reviews – that Daniel of Harry Potter and Equus fame is looking for a new play to do in two years time and that at least three are being commissioned to give him a choice. What a lucky Tom Thumb to have pulled out such a plum. Do I have anything suitable? I wonder. Could I come up with anything suitable? I doubt it very much. My shelf life ended with the twentieth century. The last play I wrote was in 1989. I don’t understand today’s kids. I don’t understand today’s ethos so have nothing to say about it, not knowledgably anyway. I’ll carry on with my period novel.

The dog has moved at last. I can breathe again!

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