Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crime has come to paradise. We have heard that in the last week or so three houses in Xirasterni, two in Vamos and eleven in Litsarda have been broken into and it would appear the perpetrators are not all that worried about who they might encounter in the house which makes one, how shall I put this, just a tad nervous? Twelve years ago, even seven or eight years ago it simply wasn’t necessary to lock doors or worry about the house if you were away. The Cretans used to say the only time to lock up is during the olive season when the Albanian labourers are here, but now that has unfortunately all changed and we believe it is mainly due to the massive influx of expats. If they are here and if they have had houses built they must have money. It is probably also a sign of the depression with so many people in dire straits. Evidently the burglars have been taking money but nothing else. Anyway, we have decided all we can do is make entry as difficult as possible. I know they say that if they want to get in they will find a way but to start off from now on the garden gates will be locked. We haven’t bothered to do that before, I don’t think they would like to climb the railings; too many prickly plants and unknown hazards on the other side.
Fortunately we are in a close-knit community of Greeks and access to the house might be thought of as rather difficult. If they use a car they would have to leave it at the bottom of a rather steep lane or take a long circuitous route over a very bad road, no more than a track in places. We have also decided that shutters that have never been shut from now on will be, and on going out at night we will not turn on the exterior lights to light our way back down the garden steps on our return. A prospective burglar not knowing them would have to tread very carefully and if he missed his footing would take a nasty tumble. The break-ins apparently have all been in the early hours of the morning.
It’s all very sad really and I doubt the Cretan police are up to scratch when it comes to catching burglars but unless or until these buggers are caught what can one do? Hopefully, sooner or later, they might give themselves away.
It’s always very sad when a much loved pet dies, especially of it dies young and Betty (of Wilson Keppel and Betty fame) has recently given us just such a scare, especially Chris as she was always his favourite and there was much beating of breast and ‘if only’ when she disappeared for six days. She had not been well and had in fact prior to her disappearance had three visits to the vet and we were all sure she was dead. Chris searched the garden a number of times hoping to find her but no luck. Anyway on Saturday the three of them (Chris, Douglas and our current guest Diane) went on what Douglas always calls an adventure – that is in the car for a long trip. I didn’t go because the heat of the day was so intense it was felt I really couldn’t take it which was true. So I was delighted during the early evening to see her appear sitting next to her water dish and was able to call them and say ‘Betty’s’ home! Much joy and jubilation all round. However she’s still not a well cat and Monday morning it was yet another trip to the vet. Let’s hope it’s the last one.
I don’t know how many Blogs there were before my hard drive crashed but this is number 156 of the Blogs since then and I think it’s time to take a short break so a short break there will be. Thanks to all who have been reading.

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