Thursday, July 8, 2010

Po pop po! So the rampaging all-conquering Germans have been humbled by a single Spanish goal. It was pretty inevitable as Spain seemed to have much of the play and with all the shots on goal, I think I counted thirteen in the second half, one had to go in, a beautiful header from a corner.
It would now appear the ridiculous religious dictatorship in Iran is closing up ever tighter. Will that country ever be civilised again or will the mad Mullahs with their absurd fancies always hold sway? Women who might be found not wearing their veil as prescribed are described by the arrogant Ayatollahs as being ‘half naked’ and now men’s haircuts are to be strictly controlled. Anything other than short back and sides will be anti-God which presumably means anti-government. One cannot but feel so sorry for people who lose their freedom to this extent and have to live under this sort of fanatical regime. What are those in power afraid of? Losing that power I suppose.
Meanwhile in Cuba dissidents are going on hunger strike and starving to death in the Stalinist type communist regime. This time it is not religion but solely political power that is threatened to which 200 political prisoners can testify.
What is happening to civil aviation? I hate flying at the best of times, I find it a thorough bore and if I never had to board another plane that would suit me just fine, but once upon a time you bought a plane ticket and that was it. Now there are all sorts of extras which in my opinion is simply a matter of fleecing the traveller, just like airports that know they have a captive audience so can double or triple the price of everything. You pay to book on line, you pay to check-in, you pay for baggage. Ryanair evidently are charging up to £80 for baggage. You pay now for food (£6 a sandwich) and Ryanair are also considering charging £1 to use the loo and their latest idea is to remove seats and replace them with a vertical flat padded board and a small shelf on which to rest your bum. In other words you will take your trip standing! Can you imagine that? The discomfort? Standing for four hours or even more? Apparently this harebrained scheme is dead in the water as planes would have to be modified at enormous expense and Boeing, who supplies Ryanair with their aircraft, says there is no intention of doing so. Also safety regulations it seems would prohibit it.
Amazon is advertising My First Railway Set. “This delightful set features a specially designed battery-powered engine which is easy for little hands to control. Also includes a decorated bump track and a large padded mountain.” There’s a snag. It comes with a warning, “Not for sale to persons under the age of 18.”
The steamy film “9½ Weeks” has been temporarily banned from Worthing’s Dome Cinema until it has been privately viewed by Worthing’s moral watchdogs”, the Worthing Guardian has reported. The film “Body Lust, The best Bit of Crumpet in Denmark” will be shown instead.

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