Sunday, July 4, 2010

In their thirteen years of government (?) New Labour brought in 4700 new laws. The mind would simply boggle if it weren’t for the fact that nanny socialist state knows what’s best for you and tries to make sure you toe the line twenty-four hours a day or else. The new government has invited people to send in requests as to which of these should be scrapped but that has turned out to be a useless exercise as people have been sending in the most ridiculous requests. That is, have they taken the matter seriously? It would seem not. A great number of these 4700 new laws no doubt have to do with ‘elf and safety, a Quango that really should be got rid of immediately. Unfortunately this won’t happen because everyone is terrified of being sued for millions for the slightest thing. This is all because of America of course where judges seem to have lost all sense of reason.
And talking of that, our ex-socialist prime minister, one Tony Blair who has made himself £20000000 since leaving office, is still driving around in a bullet proof car guarded by heavy security paid for by the tax payer and has now been awarded the annual United States Liberty Medal, which is not only a great honour richly undeserved but raises his bank balance by another $100000! Now I know the world is going mad. What did Tony Blair do to warrant being awarded this prize? It was evidently for his ‘steadfast commitment to conflict resolution.’ So someone tell me please what is Afghanistan all about?
The city of Bristol is to spend £750000, yes, that is three-quarters of a million pounds of rate-payers money, in apologising for the slave trade! Once more the mind simply boggles at PC gone stark raving mad. Where does this kind of nonsense end? We gave our friend, the actress Beryl King my play, ‘Rosemary’ to read and her verdict on it? It is a part any actress would give her eye-teeth for but she doesn’t think anyone will take up the play because of remarks in it on ‘ageism.’ Good grief, we all grow old. I am seventy-nine; I know what it is to grow old. The play is set in an old folk’s home and this play, of all my theatre work, is probably the one that has a moral to it. You just can’t win.
But evidently the German football team can. They are rampant at the moment having knocked out Argentina (sorry Maradona – no hand of God to save your boys this time) by four goals to nil which might, or might not, make the English losers a little happier though looking at them slinking home with their tails between their legs certainly makes one wonder.

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