Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I was sitting outside a kafenio in Kalyves having a coffee and noticed a sign next door which read ‘Real Estate’ which got me thinking, what does real estate actually mean? What is the opposite of real estate, could it be unreal estate? And what would constitute unreal estate? Doesn’t really make sense when you come to think of it.
So the Spaniard Nadal is once more Wimbledon champion having beaten his Czech opponent in three straight sets. Andy Murray really tried but his trying unfortunately was just not good enough against an opponent like this.
Another one time champion, this time in a hot dog eating contest in New York (where else?), the Japanese Takeru Kobayashi who was denied participation because he objected to signing an agreement which would not allow him to take part in speed eating elsewhere, was arrested as he climbed the stage and carted off by some of New York’s finest for trying to gate crash the party which was won by a Mister Chestnut who received a yellow belt and $20000 in prize money. It wasn’t his best effort. He managed only 58, ten short of his best. How can anyone eat 68 hotdogs in one go? It’s something else to set the mind boggling. Where do they put it?
It’s bad for some to lose at sport. The Brazilian coach and his entire team have been sacked because of Brazil’s failure in The World Cup. Managers and coaches always get the blame for their team’s failures but they’re not the ones actually playing so why don’t the players get a rollicking? Mind you, considering what they earn whilst in the job and what they walk away with, I don’t think they really have cause for complaint.
Would it be no exaggeration to say that politicians all over the world are exactly the same? Kenyan MPs have just voted themselves an enormous pay rise taking their salaries in what is virtually an impoverished county to £84000. Fantastic. One MP has cried out against it but his I fear would be a voice in the wilderness. Presumably foreign aid helps pay these salaries.
An American billionaire by the name of Buffet has donated $1.93billion to charity and is hoping others might follow his example. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they did? Mind you,he's still left with a not inconsiderable fortune. Well we know Bill Gates has a charitable foundation but Tony Blair could keep the ball rolling and show himself to be a true socialist and a good sport by giving away some of his twenty million. As Mister McEnroe was fond of saying, ‘You can’t be serious!’

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