Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today’s Blog delayed by nearly nine hours due to a power cut, the first biggy this summer. Haven’t dared look in the freezer yet. Just hope everything’s all right or it will be a terrible waste.

Suicide bombers in Iran (Shia versus Sunni), suicide bombers in Baghdad, suicide bombers in Pakistan, suicide bombers in Uganda, in every case hundreds of innocent people going about their business are killed or maimed. When will it ever stop?
Raoul Moat was a murderer. He shot his ex-girl friend with intent to kill, shot dead her new boy friend and wounded a policeman in the face before fleeing and staying at large for a week until, finally cornered, he shot himself and immediately in the eyes of some became a hero, a legend if one is to believe them. Floral tributes were laid at his home and the place where he died and a rather silly girl of very little brain started a memorial for him on Face book which immediately had 36000 hits, mostly in favour. When interviewed as to why she had done it she said it took the police a week to find him and that “was funny”! I remember here in Greece when the twin towers were destroyed how some Greeks gloated over it despite the fact that some of their own could have been killed in the inferno, and in Mexico recently seventeen people at a birthday party were machine gunned, evidently as part of the drug gangs’ turf war. In fact since 2006, 24800 people have been killed with this feuding. The world is truly full of some very sick people.
Continental countries are bringing in laws to ban the bhurka in public. Meanwhile some soft idiot in Britain, the immigration minister no less, one by name Damien Green has said banning the bhurka would be an “un-British” thing to do, so what is he going to say when someone who could have been identified as a threat but whose identify was hidden behind the veil is guilty of yet another atrocity? Returning to London after a lengthy absence I was confronted in the underground with a number of passengers wearing the bhurka and I have to admit it made me feel very uncomfortable. Any one of them could have been a suicide bomber. But it is not only Europe worried about the bhurka. Both Egypt and Syria have banned it in their universities. Banning the bhurka maybe un-British but wearing it is also un-British but then Britain has changed so very much in the last few years. Peter Mandelson in his biography says that New Labour whilst in power achieved eighty percent of what it set out to do. Pardon me while I smirk and wonder what would have happened if they had achieved a hundred percent or, god forbid, had been re-elected. From this distance what I can see achieved is the bringing in of over 7000 new laws, most of them petty, superfluous and merely trying to regulate people’s lives even more, a national health service going downhill despite having millions thrown at it, people who no longer have a dentist because they simply can’t afford one, immigration totally out of control, crime, especially knife crime, rampant, police hamstrung by pettifogging form filling and health and safety, too much notice taken of the European courts of justice to which felons appeal costing the taxpayer millions in legal fees, and a country virtually bankrupt. Does that add up to eighty percent do you reckon?

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