Friday, June 26, 2009

I read in World Headlines that four young thieves in Somalia have been sentenced under Sharia Law to have their right hands and left legs amputated for the theft of a couple of rifles and some ammunition. This no doubt makes them beggars for what remains of their lives and totally useless members of any society. Today I read the sentences have been carried out. Some time ago I also read that the Archbishop of Canterbury was burbling on about Sharia Law coming to multi-cultural Britain and the question to ask is, has he gone totally doolally? Sometimes it really is difficult to believe one is living in the twenty-first century. What was it Gilbert wrote about the punishment fitting the crime? It would seem crime and punishment will never be satisfactorily resolved; it’s either too harsh or to lax and no one has found a sensible way to prevent it or deal with it
Apricots, apricots, apricots, the ground beneath the tree is littered with windfall and the beetles and the wasps are having a field day. Such a waste but what can you do with such an abundance? There is only so much fruit you can use: preserves, jam, wine, puddings, raki.
Have just, after an interval of so many years, reread BAY RUM, a play that was produced way back in the sixties( or was it seventies?) and which has lain in the script cupboard ever since because, as I remember it, the first act went down a treat, the second and third acts were shit – or so I thought at the time. I remember wanting to crawl under my seat with embarrassment. But now, reading it again, there is nothing wrong with the writing of either act, they are just as strong as the first so what went wrong in production?
Was it the direction? The performances? Were the cast members beginning to flag, unable to keep up the pace? Did they lose the humour? I really don’t know. I wasn’t going to include it in plays to be published but, having reread it, have changed my mind. Even if it is never produced again it is a good read if nothing else and if Oscar Wilde and Henry James, Wilkie and others could write their ghost stories I don‘t see why I shouldn’t. Douglas still maintains the second and third acts are crap but he can’t tell me why.
Talking of writing it would be gratifying if all those who have contacted me personally to say how much they have enjoyed reading the autobiography were to do a little five star review for Amazon it would help a lot to spread the news. So far there have been only two.
Today I registered with Glenwood High School Old Boys – a little late in the day wouldn’t you think? Considering I matriculated in1948? There aren’t many of us left from that period.
Right, on to proofing the next play which is HEAR THE HYENA LAUGH, after which comes GENERATIONS, THIRD DRAWER FROM THE TOP and TWILIGHT OF AUNT EDNA – only fifteen to read in all. It’s just as well I enjoy my own writing, tee hee hee! I shall fortify myself with a glass of wine as well.

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