Monday, June 8, 2009

JUST IN CASE is out there taking its chances in the big wide world but on reading it again there are still some mistakes. Quite obviously no matter how hard we try Douglas and I are simply inadequate when it comes to proof-reading. With me it is most probably impatience in that, after going carefully over a passage, I will want to actually start reading again rather than take note of every word, every single bit of punctuation.
ENTER ANTHONY has now been read by three “guinea pigs” and all have given it the equivalent of five stars so we really will have to do something with it. Admittedly three is hardly a number anyone would consider as being a reliable sample but each was different in age and background and all were told to trash it if that was the way they felt. They needn’t have picked up the manuscript to begin with or they could have stopped reading at any point if they felt they didn’t want to go on. Probably the most interesting comment was from William (school teacher) who said “It’s not the kind of book I would go out of my way to buy but I certainly enjoyed it.”
Now it is off to see Doctor Elizabeth as I am still having chest problems; have had all year ever since that visit to Britain when I picked up that wretched infection, followed by hay fever, something I’ve never had in my life before, with itchy runny nose and itchy runny eyes, followed by this, I can only think of as bronchitis. I’m fine sitting still but the minute I move to do anything only slightly energetic I’m totally out of breath which prevents me from doing anything physical. So it is a short blog today. Did I hear someone say thank goodness? I’m thinking of taking a summer break anyway, recharge my batteries.

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