Sunday, June 28, 2009

Once more the house, well the breakfast room anyway, is turned into a film studio shooting more scenes of the Christmas DVD. These involve two fairies evidently; our house guest Vicky playing one, and that well-known actress Beryl King who is on holiday on the island playing the other, playing the queen of the fairies in fact. Chris and Douglas were up half the night making props. We had gone for dinner to Georgopoli and didn’t get home until late hence the half the night. No one seemed to sleep too well anyway, mainly because of the heat and Georgopoli being the mosquito capital of Crete, there were bites a plenty to keep people awake. Amazingly for once they didn’t seem to affect me but my wheezy chest did so even I, finding it difficult to breathe lying down, ended up with about three hours of sleep.
Am still going through plays and have just finished reading OH BROTHER. This was the first of my plays to be produced, many many years ago. A school in England intend doing it later this year and were e-mailed this script. To my horror it is full of mistakes and I will have to send them an amended copy. PS: Not my typing.
The next one to go through is my second American play, THIRD DRAWER FROM THE TOP, the one I call my Neil Simon.
I’ve changed direction with the local ex-pats who want to do something theatrical and have suggested, instead of BEATIFUL FOR EVER, that we do LITTLE FOOTSTEPS ON THE PETALS. This is a North Country comedy they should be able to cope with more than with the other which I felt on second thoughts was rather like throwing them in the deep end before they learned to swim.
The Queen of the fairies has arrived I need to go make my bows.

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