Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three boys, hooded of course, two aged seventeen, the other fifteen have been arrested in Dorset for kicking a newborn foal to death.
Two French students studying in London are locked in their room, tortured for hours and killed by a couple of young thugs.
A mother, her boy friend and a third man are jailed for the torture and death of a baby boy who evidently suffered the most horrendous injuries. The accused are appealing their convictions.
A man is jailed in Glasgow for thrusting a table knife through the eye and into the skull of another who evidently wanted his money back when the attacker’s girl friend, a prostitute, refused the promised and paid for sex. The victim miraculously survived. An x-ray of the knife in position is stomach-churning. The wound that supposedly killed Christopher Marlowe at that Deptford inn must have been similar, but that’s a digression.
A gang of young girls kidnap and set upon another for supposed “disrespect”, cutting off her clothes and beating her with buckled belts. A judge described the attack as ferocious, deliberate and chilling. A girl onlooker photographing the attack on her mobile phone evinced the wish that they had a boy handy who could have raped the victim. The gang’s name is or was “Girls over men”.
A sixteen year old boy is chased in the street and did not survive when set upon and stabbed eleven times by a gang of feral youths: unemployable, uneducated, incapable virtually of putting two words together, minor drug dealers evidently whose only means of expression it would seem is violence. The reason for the attack? The youngster was accused of “disrespect”! This word is becoming number one in the lexicon of to-day’s youth that seem to have no respect for anybody or anything. We are living in a truly violent, cruel, vicious and senseless age.
A constant moan from ex-pats living in Greece is the obvious cruelty to animals: the barrel dogs that freeze in winter, roast in summer and are hardly fed (maybe some crusts of bread) and watered; the stray cats, the poisoning. The letters page in The Athens News is constantly carrying the ex-pats’ observations on the situation. At dinner the other evening one of our guests who is a volunteer animal charity worker in the UK informed us that cruelty to animals in the UK is much much worse, most of it hidden, and started to give us examples until eventually I had to ask her to stop. I despair of cruelty to helpless creatures be they human or animal, and the stories she was telling us were horrifying enough to give one nightmares.
I was dead right about the Rooney baby. Before the little blighter’s even born he’s reputedly worth £1500000. A million of this would be from OK Magazine for a three part series. Are they going to show pictures of the actual birth, maybe with Colleen doing a running commentary about how she’s feeling? It wouldn’t surprise me. The rest of the money comes from style guides, clothes ranges and fitness videos.
If so much of this violence around the world (how many have died in Mexico?) is due to the drugs trade then it’s high time the drugs became legal. After all, if people want to kill themselves with tobacco and alcohol, both drugs, both legal, then why not add cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, and let them that wants get on with it. At least making it legal might have the effect of taking the shine off the gingerbread, it no longer being forbidden fruit, and maybe have the effect of the bottom dropping out of the market – hopefully. Governments, like Sweden and the alcohol trade, could always open their own outlets and charge tax.

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